Wordsmiths Wanted: Become a Writer with AE911Truth


Wordsmiths Wanted: Become a Writer with AE911Truth
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Wednesday, 20 July 2011 15:40

By joining our Writing Team you can help AE911Truth bring the call for justice to readers worldwide

At AE911Truth, The Blueprint newsletter is sent to over 24,000 online readers, and the news items on our website have been read by millions of Internet users. Even though dozens of articles and documents that we have released have received widespread attention, most of them are not composed by professional journalists, technical writers or engineering professors. They are written by readers like you, who decided to get involved after discovering the myth-shattering evidence that AE911Truth has revealed. Now, we are looking for a few intrepid readers to join the Writing Team and help deliver the evidence about the WTC skyscraper demolitions across the globe.

• The Writing Team has opportunities for almost any skill level. Here are some of the ways you can contribute.

• Richard Gage, AIA, and AE911Truth supporters are constantly on the road, giving presentations and speaking at conferences around the world. By updating readers about these upcoming events, you can support our efforts in a simple yet important way.

• An FAQ section is being added to the AE911Truth website to answer the most common questions about the explosive WTC evidence. If you’d like to help us respond to some of these common questions, we encourage you to sign up.

• We often interview technical experts, prominent supporters and renowned 9/11 researchers for our articles. Writers with a desire to connect with others will be able to interface with some of the most influential people inside of as well as outside of the 9/11 Truth movement.

• We are continually searching for new article ideas – and writers that are eager to take them on. If there is a topic within the scope of AE911Truth’s mission that you think deserves attention, we’d love to have you join our team and write about it.

• If you prefer writing assignments that are more basic, you can help us by transcribing recent TV interviews and debates. There is also plenty of proofreading work available for people who are sticklers for grammar and accuracy.
Our 9/11 Investigator broadsheet newspaper is just one example of AE911Truth publications that have been written by concerned citizens like you

AE911Truth is always looking for volunteers with writing backgrounds, but according to founder Richard Gage, AIA, the impact of our work is far greater than our combined skills.

“What makes the newsletters so special is that the people who write them are passionate about our mission and dedicated to the goal of an independent 9/11 investigation,” he explained. “It’s that resilient spirit that leads others to step up and make a difference.”

If you feel called to join the AE911Truth Writing Team, visit the Volunteer page on our website and fill out our online application. The only prerequisite is that you sign the petition, which is open to everyone. If you would like to help us in other ways, you can go to the Take Action page to learn about all of the options that are available.

The sustained support of our readers is one of the reasons that AE911Truth has made such great strides in exposing the scientific truth about the 9/11 catastrophe. Whether you are a reader or an author of our next groundbreaking article, we look forward to partnering with you in our push for justice and accountability.