The 9/11 Commission Report: the even less truthful edition

Published for the tenth anniversary of 9/11, this new edition of the authorized report is limited to the Commission’s riveting account—which was a finalist for the National Book Award—of the attack and its background, examining both the attackers and the U.S. government, the emergency response, and the immediate aftermath. It includes new material from Philip Zelikow, the Commission’s executive director, on the Commission’s work, the fate of its recommendations, and the way this struggle has evolved right up to the present day.

In the houses of shadow, everybody lies.

More words from zelikow?!!jeezsus.
After the literal outrage of first edition SNOWJOB, to consider an update after ten years of hideous LYING, of exposure of KSM torture testimony in the storyline, I can only sneer at the thought of it. National book award finalist! Well why not. Obama got there using up the last remnants of the word HOPE. Freedom is still on lips of congress as they bow to Benyamin. The scams and death go on. Suicides. Homelessness. Beck still yabbers in donkey tongue...why not. Maybe zelikow will get a pulitzer. Corruption at this level endemic enough to allow it.
Wondering if he got albury smith to do prologue. or Pinocchio sunder to explain again the pafuknthetic thermal expansion garbage all over again just in case we had forgotten what a great big fat murder lie looks like.