Media Roots Radio- US Imperialism, War Updates, Spying, Fear & Self-Censorship, Building Communities


Media Roots Radio- US Imperialism, Spying, Self-Censorship, Building Communities by Media Roots

MEDIA ROOTS- This discussion covers US imperialism: wars, costs, media and government propaganda; the culture of self-censorship and the erosion of privacy in the US; information as power and how communication is an important tool to strengthen and build communities.

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Thanks for the update, Abby!

I love all of your witty and factual broadcasts. You really keep me and my friends on top of the current news -- and not just 9/11 truth news, but all news related to the oppression of freedom and liberty!


Here's an update on the Cory Maye story you guys covered (this article is very recent and was found through Google News):

Justice (at last) for Cory Maye

Here are a few updates on the Harriton High School webcam scandal (found by looking up the city and state where Harriton HS is located -- Ardmore, PA -- and then searching a local newspaper for related articles using relevant keywords):

Lower Merion School officials respond to latest webcam suit

Video: Lower Merion approves one final webcam suit Monday night

Hope this information is helpful.

Congratulations to Abby

for getting on the board of Project Censored.