More Insight into Artist Rick Veitch and 'The Big Lie Comic' Book

Writer Alex Zalben recently interviewed Rick Veitch about the up and coming comic book The Big Lie. The interview was posted on Mtv Geek and opens like so:

With the tenth anniversary of 9/11 fast approaching, there will be a lot of looks back, some fond, some heartbreaking… And then there will be “The Big Lie,” a comic book by Rick Veitch and Gary Erskine that finds a scientist traveling back in time to the day itself in order to stop the disaster. And while there, she finds out that maybe the truth isn’t as clear cut as she thought.

The article quickly moves to the interview with artist and writer of The Big Lie, Rick Veitch:

MTV Geek: Rick, let’s talk about The Big Lie… Right off the bat, the cover seems to be courting controversy. What’s your thought process on this?

Rick Veitch: The very best thought process there is, Alex! I sat back and let Thomas Yeates handle the cover. I think he’s done a splendid job of catching people’s attention with it, too.

Geek: The content certainly isn’t going to calm down those flames too much… Can you give us a summary of what the book is about?

RV: It’s a time travel drama about a scientist from 2011 returning to the morning of 9/11 to save her husband. She has to convince some skeptical people that the attack is imminent.

Geek: You actually tackled 9/11 before in “Can’t Get No,” which dealt with the tragedy more personally. How does that contrast with “The Big Lie?’

RV: In the “Can’t Get No” graphic novel I focused on one man’s experience of 9/11, looking at it through a poetic lens. “The Big Lie” is much more straightforward storytelling with a broader meta-view.

Geek: And has your opinion on 9/11 changed at all since writing that book?

RV: My opinion started to change when the Bush administration pushed for the invasion of Iraq. I was really angry how that went down, what it meant for America and what it meant for all the civilians caught in the crossfire. I started paying attention to the questions that had been raised about 9/11 then. When Thomas Yeates asked Gary Erskine and I to do the book, I researched the subject more in-depth. There’s a lot of disinformation to cut through, but I’m convinced a real investigation is needed.

Geek: And you’ve certainly been critical of America and the military/industrial complex before, most recently in “Army@Love.” Same sort of question, how does that book compare to The Big Lie?

RV: I’m an unrepentant underground cartoonist so pretty much everything I do looks askance at the military industrial complex. Just can’t help myself after living through the Pentagon Papers, Watergate, Iran Contra and all the other big lies that came unraveled. “Army@Love” was much more comedic and freewheeling. The criticism wasn’t as overt. It was built into how crazy the system was. Catch 22 and Doctor Strangelove used the same technique.

The full interview is posted at Mtv Geek. To learn more about Rick Veitch and the soon-to-be released The Big Lie comic book, read the full interview at the source:

USA Today was the first to cover The Big Lie, follwed quickly by a article and video report at The Huffington Post news section. The Big Lie is bound to attract rightful attention in the upcoming month before it’s release on September 7th to comic stores Nationwide.

Truth Be Told Comics has just opened up its website and is welcoming everyone to drop by and check it out. Art previews, artist bio’s, a collection of press reports and more information on The Big Lie can be found at the new (and still growing) website:

A Twitter account has also been created for Truth Be Told Comics. Follow us here:!/TBTComics and start tweetin’ away!

Sounds Good To Me

I would like to see the comic book before I make any comments but it sure seems like a step in the right direction. This could get a lot of young people to start questioning the Official (Comic Book) Story. Lets face it, the "Official Story" is a joke unless your a mindless drone....................Seeing this comic book kind of reminds me of Star Trek. "Live long and prosper." or "You will be assimilated." Take your pick. Yes we need a new investigation desperately or we will eventually be assimilated. I think you get my drift.

I look forward to the comic's

I look forward to the comic's release too.

I am sure a few more pages will slip out before the day of September 7th (in comic stores).

The amount of information in this comic is impressive! I'm sure you will like it -

The comic will feature additional pages from Press for Truth (Banded Artists) and AE 9/11 Truth, along with a couple of other goodies.