9/11 Truth and Collecting Petitions during Festivals, Parades and Concerts - Speakers Corner

August 6, 2011: Caribbean Carnival and Parade: 14 more signatures were collected today by a 9/11 truth activist Doug with-in 30 minutes before the Caribbean parade began along Jasper Avenue. An additional 9 was added by the carnival next to Churchill square that same afternoon. Most folks were polite and receptive listening to Doug's reasons why Canadians need to investigate the events of 9/11 in Canada . One fellow did get irate and interrupted Doug half way through his introduction. "He tried to embarrass me in front of a near-by crowd of bystanders claiming I was crazy to suggest the official story of 9/11 was in serious question" Doug said. " I paused for a moment and replied I guess I'm crazy like the hundreds of other Edmontonians who see the need for a Public Canadian 9/11 Investigation." I smiled and bid the angry guy "enjoy the rest of your day sir".

August 7, 2011: Edmonton Folk Festival

Sunday afternoon's petition drive by the gates of the Edmonton Folk Festival proved fruitful as it did later the same evening on the foot- bridge meeting with folkies on their way home after the final set at the Edmonton Folk Festival featuring K.D. Lang. All under a sometimes light drizzly Alberta sky. Never too wet to dampen the spirits of Edmontonians for great music and confronting the hard quests of 9/11. To Date: 692 Edmontonians have said they would like to see the Canadian Government act on this petition for a Public Canadian 9/11 Investigation. Doug a 5 year veteran says he's proud to be a 9/11 truther in Canada regardless of the name calling by some.

Doug also promotes "CIVIL INFORMATION ACTIVISM": "Think for yourself and let others enjoy the privilege of doing so too." — Voltaire (Edmonton) 9/11 Civil Information Activism: http://www.ciactivist.org

YouTube Links:

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Heritage Days - Petition Drive

9-11 Civil Information Actions at Heritage Days 2008-2011- last weeks petition report on youtube from Edmonton