The 9/11 Tribute Movement

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Post a 9/11 Truth message committing to do something thoughtful on the 10th anniversary.

Some clever ones so far:

"I will... make sure my child knows what false flags are and what problem, reaction, solution means"

"I will... remind everyone that the official story about 9/11 is all lies"

"I will... mail free DVD's and pamphlets from & to Fire Fighters."

"I will... tell everyone I see to RESEARCH ON THE INTERNET. i.e Google: Building 7 & Nanothermite"

"I will... donate $9.11 to - like we all should."

"I will... pass out many Blueprint for Truth DVDs at 9/11 anniversary events."

"I will...pass out AE911Truth DVD's for free to open minded individuals. I'll ask them to Google Building 7."