Place classified ads

"North Texans for 9/11 Truth" would like to encourage individuals and groups to place classified ads and to utilize other promotional vehicles. Anyone can do this.

(The above graphics are not final renditions, just working drafts of some of the ads we are contemplating.)

There are many free ways to promote. There are also very cheap ads available. Here are a few suggestions:

Newspapers, radio stations, TV stations, Craiglist, area organizations and blogs and message boards and different meetup groups offer free methods of promotion (especially events).

Past samples of national websites for your city.

If you have any other ideas on cost effective promotion, please comment.


I imagine I'll be chippin' in on one

Good idea TomT

I imagine I'll be chippin' in on one

Good idea TomT

This Is A Great Idea!

In fact, a well worded ad in trade journals local to the NYC area could cause those yet unknown individuals who may have particpipated in the well documented pre-9/11 WTC renovations to come forward with their accounts.

However, such an ad should be posed as one seeking information for historical research purposes as opposed to investigative purposes. Allegations of foul play could scare away potentially interested parties.

Every detail surrounding the final days of the WTC is of historic interest and this fact could be the reasonable basis of any request for information.