U.S Secret Service: No USSS Records of Reported 2008 Obama/Clinton Bilderberg Attendance

The United States Secret Service (USSS) has reported within an August 5, 2011 Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request that a search of USSS files produced no records of the reported Bilderberg meeting in Chantilly, VA on June 5-8, 2008 at the Westfields Marriott[1] and no records of the attendance of then U.S. Senators Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton. Obama and Clinton were both assigned USSS protection in 2007.[2][3]

Reported USSS keyword search results:

• Bilderberg - no hits
• Westfield - 1 hit but not relevant
• Chantilly, VA - 3 hits but not relevant
• June 5-8, 2008 - several hits, some of which the message and attachments would not open; others were not relevant
• Hillary Clinton - 205 hits but none were relevant
• Barack Obama June 2008 - several hits, some of which the message or attachments would not open; others were not relevant
• Marriott June 5-8, 2008 - 7465 hits based on the dates rather than "Marriott" and none were relevant

NOTE: some of the hits for Senator Barack Obama showed he was scheduled to be in Virginia during the identified timeframe, but specific locations did not match the request.

Dear Requester:

This is the final response to your Freedom of Information Act/Privacy Acts (FOIAlPA) request originally received by the United States Secret Service (USSS) on May 18, 2011 for information pertaining to "records describing United States Secret Service and related protectee activity regarding events at the so called 'Bilderberg' conference at the Westfield's Marriott in Chantilly, VA on or about June 5-8, 2008, including such records specifically regarding the activity of Secret Service protectees including then U.S. Senator Hillary Clinton and then U.S. Senator Barack Obama.

In response to your request, the USSS has conducted a reasonable search for responsive records. It appears, from a review of USSS main indices, that there are no records pertaining to your request that are referenced in these indices. Enclosed is a copy of your original request. Alternatively, if you deem our decision an adverse determination, you may exercise your appeal rights. Should you wish to file an administrative appeal, your appeal should be made in writing and received within sixty (60) days of the date of this letter, by writing to: Freedom of Information Appeal, Deputy Director, U.S. Secret Service, Communications Center, 245 Murray Lane, S. W., Building T-5, Washington, D.C. 20223. If you choose to file an administrative appeal, please explain the basis of your appeal and reference the case number listed above.

Graig W. Ulmer
Special Agent In Charge
Freedom of Information Act & Privacy Act Officer


[1] Did they or didn't they?
[2] Obama Gets Secret Service Detail
[3] Secret Service Guards Obama, Taking Unusually Early Step