New York Lights, Doug the Push-Up Guy says "Investigate 9/11 Canada"

August 13, 14 2011: Alberta Legislature & Fringe Festival

9/11 Action Report: Remember those beams of lights shooting straight into the night skies over New York City projected from ground zero? Local Edmonton world record breaking strong man Doug "The Push Up Guy" Pruden explains how those same beams of lights first originated from the 2001 World Championships in Athletics that was held in Edmonton August 2001 months before the events of 9/11 unfolded. Doug Pruden took some time out today to sign and help promote the petition that calls for a public investigation of 9/11 in Canada. 28 more signatures thie weekend were added from both the Alberta Legislature and the Fringe theatre festival. A total of 745 signatures have been gathered in Edmonton since the drive began February 22, 2011 of Edmontonians asking our Federal Government for a public investigation of 9/11 in Canada . 9/11 Activists in Edmonton have committed to several years of civil actions during the Fringe and other popular summer events around Edmonton which might account for my easily acquiring signatures when we've been so outwardly known and visible in the community with our friendly approach of 9/11 civil actions. Complete Action Reports since February , 2011

Where have all the yellow ribbons gone?
And They call this a War of 9/11 Retribution
Edmonton Fringe Fest 911 truth Action Day Report - August, 2010

Over 700 Edmontonians tell Ottawa to Investigate 9/11!

Over 100,000 Afghans have been killed or Injured caught in the
of Taliban/ NATO bombs and Bullets.

157 Canadian Troops killed in Afghanistan
fighting Bush's War on Terror.

Stop The Insanity, Stop The 9/11 Wars of
9/11 Retribution in Afghanistan.

Investigate 9/11 Canada!

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