Give a 10th Anniversary of 9/11 Information Talk

It is a good idea to reserve rooms now, in advance, for anniversary seminars to be held on 9/11/2001.

As an example, here is an ad I'm running for 4 weeks x $9 = $36. Many local libraries have a seminar room and overhead projector, to hook up to your laptop. So you can play the AE911Truth and other CDs.

9/11 Tenth Year Anniversary. Discussion of videos from scientists, architects and engineers. Question & answer. September 11, at 2 pm, Fairfield Public Library Conference Room. Refreshments will be served.

Way to go!!

I love your ad (and cost) and the simplicity.
Good copy script on your ad.
It is well positioned with the Anniversary and other elements of public perception.
The library is a great venue in the positioning.
The Q & A invites participation which also might be a draw card.

Anyone can do this kind of action.