Article on the Toronto Hearings

Canada's largest right wing newspaper has published an article on the Toronto Hearings. The article is biased toward the official story of course. There is a comment section which has a lot of ill-informed and offensive comments. Initially they allowed commenting without registering, however now they require you to register.

9/11 Truth in the news is a win for our side.

We win when the subject of 9/11 Truth comes to view in The Press. It puts focus on the subject. It takes exposure to the subject of 9/11 Truth before an individual will begin the journey of investigating. It takes a prompt to get people to look.
A person will never investigate 9/11 Truth until he is prompted.

Toronto Hearings article in the National Post

They now require you to register. But it only takes a minute and is worth it to respond to the people who don't know the truth. In my view the biggest obstacle to learning the truth is the lack of exposure to it in the corporate media. This is our chance to have our say.

I agree

"In my view the biggest obstacle to learning the truth is the lack of exposure to it in the corporate media." -- Permaculturist

You are absolutely right!
The more that 9/11 Truth is mentioned by the media, the more that individuals will put attention on the subject.
Being mentioned by the media brings public focus to the subject.

Having the topic ignored entirely is insidious. -"insidious"-Proceeding in a gradual, subtle way, but with harmful effects.

A truism:
Virtually no one investigates 9/11 unless they are prompted by some type of exposure to the subject.
In other words, a fellow just does not wake up one morning and out of the blue says: “Today, I am gonna investigate 9/11 Truth even though I have never ever heard anything about it.” It takes a “prompt”, some kind of contact or exposure to the subject in order to interest someone enough to investigate 9/11.

Two Fundamentals to Marketing.
1) Attract Attention
2) Generate Interest

In the Sales aspect of Marketing (selling a product or idea), there are 2 primary functional steps.
These two steps are needed to sell a product or idea.
Two Primary Steps to Sales in Marketing...
1) Get in communication with, Contact
2) Educate

1) First Step – Contact the individual with the subject matter. When we “Attract Attention” we also are “contacting” the individual. We are putting focus on a subject. The viewer is in communication with the subject. (The viewer is exposed to the subject of 9/11 Truth when they see the article.)

2) Second Step – Educate. Bring about an understanding. (We often use DVDs/videos to educate our public, because there is so very much information.)

Step 2a – A possible third arbitrary step.
If a person balks on being educated, then Step 2a is to attempt to handle the underlying consideration which blocks the person. We are trying to handle the fixed idea that prevents an individual from looking into 9/11. “It is too painful” or “They are tin-hat conspiracy nuts” or “I don’t want to know about a subject of substance, I prefer American Idol” are a few examples of a fixed idea which blocks a person from being educated.

Thanks for posting

Aside from the obvious pairing of "no plane" and "demolition", its not TOO bad coverage -- the writers are very careful in their terminology but are not inserting extreme nonsense or using highly abusive language (just things like "the so-called Toronto Hearings") but obviously are trying to bias the reader with the suggestion that people are offended about the date, etc.

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"don't hate the media, become the media" Jello B.

Most of Canada's media such as the Globe and Mail, CTV, and CITY TV - ignore any question of 9/11 - The CBC takes a middle of the road approach on 9/11 such as there "Fifth Estate" documentaries - PostMedia owners of the National Post and home to Managing Editor Jonathan Kay ( Among The Truthers) has taken on a leading role in Canada attacking academics, polititians, Professors who dare question the events of 9/11 and calls 9/11 truthers "cranks" and "9/11deniers" akin to "Holocaust deniers". . After I was interviewed by journalist Todd Babiack of PostMedia's Edmonton Journal (sister paper to the National Post) titled : "Sept. 11 conspiracy theories provide cheap entertainment 'Truthers' avoid the difficult problem of making the world more secure" June 26, 2008- I came away CONVINCED that we as activists in the 9/11 truth movement must do what corporate media has not - BE THE NEWS MEDIA as activists in our respective communities. This is why I as one activist passionately embraced Robin Hordon's 9/11 action concept of "Civil Information Activism" as a means of informing my community about important issues surrounding the events of 9/11.... it worked effectively over the years and still is used today here in Edmonton! I've often thought to myself MSM " Who needs em!"... and besides .an Ipsos Reid poll published in the National Post tells us that only 32% of Canadian journalists and only 25% of our national politicians are regarded as “highly trustworthy”.

You are right. ...and there are historical precedents

It starts with one to one personal education.
In the beginning, the civil rights movement in the United States was a "word of mouth" spread movement. It was not spread by the white owned newspapers and media. It was spread by conversations and churches and college campuses, morphing into broader effective dissemination as the years progressed which even included the movie film industry and music.
Personal one to one education and promotion is almost always the envy of any corporate marketing.

That's hilarious:

mydogsays - "It takes courage and intelligence to actually research the actual evidence and events of 9/11. Those who ridicule the members of the 9/11 Truth Movement (who have taken the time to actual do the research) are simply displaying their laziness and/or ignorance.

9/11 happened due to criminals in our own government. PERIOD!

Architects and Engineers For 9/11 Truth
Patriots Question 9/11
Scholars For 9/11 Truth and Justice
Pilots For 9/11 Truth
Firefighters For 9/11 Truth
Lawyer For 9/11 Truth
Law Enforcement For 9/11 Truth
Scientists For 9/11 Truth
Military Officers For 9/11 Truth
Christians For 9/11 Truth
Muslins For Truth
Religious Professionals For 9/11 Truth
Medical Professionals For 9/11 Truth
Actors and Actors For 9/11 Truth

and so on..."


mydogsays - "Religious Professionals For 9/11 Truth", "Actors and Actors For 9/11 Truth"

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