US News poll: "Other" (Ron Paul) beating 10 GOP candidates 67%+

US News and World Report created an online poll, listing 10 GOP candidates by name, but putting Ron Paul in the "Other" category.

Who is your pick for the 2012 GOP presidential nomination?
o Mitt Romney
o Newt Gingrich
o Mike Huckabee
o Michele Bachmann
o Sarah Palin
o Tim Pawlenty
o Mitch Daniels
o Haley Barbour
o Rick Santorum
o Jon Huntsman
o Other

Hmm. Notice anyone missing? "Other" categories should be those choices that comprise only a few percent. But in this poll "Other" (including Ron Paul) is beating all others combined with over 67% of the votes.


this insinuates our media would...

lie, deceive, affect public opinion and cover up.

Sad thing is a huge segment of our population still gobble up the bullshit.

John Stewart Bashes the Media Over Ron Paul

You're ignoring

the fact that the bigger "other" here is Rick Perry.

In addition, some people (even Democrats) will vote "other" as a way of saying they don't like any of the candidates.

It is by no means an endorsement of Ron Paul.


Although the suppression of Ron Paul is well known and speaks for itself, the headline promotes speculation as fact..