R.I.P. Jack Layton "May hope continue from your legacy"

It was announced today that Jack Layton leader of the opposition party in Canada passed away: Over my 5 years as an 9/11 activist I had the privilege at meeting many politicians from all political parties from all levels of Government with my quest for a 9/11 Investigation in Canada. They have been for the most courteous and kind even though most who did question 9/11 were mostly silent concerned about their political careers and did not dare open the controversial box of questioning the events of 9/11 in the public eye. I saw Jack Layton 3 times over two elections, once up close when I gave him a book of hope by David Ray Griffin, to read on the plane, and most recently early spring when he spoke from the podium at the Alberta Art Gallery and at Fort Edmonton. How could you not love this guy with so much love for life and Canadians. He like me wanted our troops home from Afghanistan.

My sister and I have noticed how Jack resembled our younger brother Jim. Jim, like Jack also loved life and people, and like Jack my brother Jim had the fight of his life battling cancer too. Jim lived beyond the doctors expectation and we were awed by his strength and enjoyed the extra years with him. When I learned of Jack's death today it came from an e-mail from CBC that said "Layton in letter urges those with cancer not to lose hope." Like Jim, Jack never lost hope and he maintained his vision for a better Canada right to his last breath. I could not help to think that someone, somewhere in Canada is getting the news today from a doctor they have cancer. I pray that person comes across Jacks words on the radio or in a newspaper and it gives comfort to that person and softens the blow of cancer. Like Jim, we appreciate the years we had with Jack, rest in peace Jack Layton.

Doug Brinkman

Last Letter from Jack to Canadians
So let us be loving, hopeful and optimistic. And we'll change the world. All my very best, Jack Layton