Gainesville City Commission on the Wrong Side of the Law with 9/11 Cover-up

I didn't ask the Gainesville City Commission if they thought 9/11 was an inside job.  -- I asked them if they supported the Rule of Law.

We must continue to ask:   (1) Why has a rational public conversation concerning skeptical issues of 9/11 turned into such a cultural taboo.?  (2) How has corporate media influenced this level of censorship?



Speaking 9/11 Truth to Power...

Great job. Great Questions. All the people on that council and in the audience and the television viewers got another dose of 9/11 Truth. As well as any internet viewers now that it is up on YouTube. We can all do this if we are that courageous or we can also write in letters to the editors of our local papers and other local actions, with literature etc. Especially in this run up to the 10th anniversary. Keep doing what you can do. Great job in Gainesville!!

You said it well !

"... ... ...Keep doing what you can do...."


Now the conspiracy theorists are saying that a hurricane is headed for the East Coast.

Amazing & disheartening

how some cowardly senator can come up with terms like "entertaining emotions" when Harold is talking about documented evidence. I don't care if he "served his country" (whatever that means) for 40 years or all his life, this is no excuse for not supporting a new investigation.

I greatly enjoyed listening to what you had to say, as well as the other speakers who did an excellent job. Keep it up.

ditto. that was great.

ditto. that was great. these people are cowards.

Among many, many others

Commissioner Todd Chase is a complete waste of human flesh ... no, worse ... and I would gladly support his prosecution for Misprision of TREASON.

Another great job Mr. Saive