Announcing a Comprehensive New Book on 9/11 ....


Mounting Evidence by Dr. Paul W. Rea

The shattering attacks on 9/11 soon became the defining events of our time. But even now, over a decade later, how well does the public actually understand the tragedy?

Other books have covered key facets of 9/11—the fall of World Trade Center buildings, the air-defense failures, the hijackers’ backgrounds, or the Saudi funders. However, this is the first comprehensive treatment of the many different angles. It connects the dots, revealing the patterns.

In Mounting Evidence Dr. Paul W. Rea shows how, by understanding that dark day, Americans can end seemingly endless wars, take back personal liberties they’ve lost, and restore their democracy.

• While excellent books have focused on important facets of 9/11, none before Mounting Evidence has treated all the major issues: the air-defense failures,  the fall of three WTC buildings, the war games, the inability of two investigations to disclose the truth, and the government and media manipulation that constructed an Official Story.

• This is not just a book for "the choir," but one that reaches broader audiences. Its purpose is to promote public awareness not only about what happened on 9/11, but about broader, disturbing trends that have been afflicting American democracy.

• Among the book's broader target audiences, two stand out: Americans with an interest in ending the country's wars and preventing future ones; and Americans with an interest in  understanding better how government and corporate mass media collaborate to inculcate official stories which often misrepresent events.

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