ONE:The Event/ We are Turning 9/11 on its Head - Shifting from Fear to Love/ Eric Lawyer

We are Turning 9/11 on its Head - Shifting from Fear to Love

Hereâ€(TM)s whatâ€(TM)s happening, and all events are FREE & open to all:
Global Synchronized Moment of Love on 9/11 at 3:46 pm PDT
2-Day Solutions Conference - September 9-10, UW, Seattle
Transformational Healing Event - September 11, Memorial Stadium, Seattle
All three days Globally Webcast with an interactive platform - catalyzing a Global Conversation

Help us reach our goal of
3,000,000 people sending love at the exact same moment, ten years and ten hours after the first plane strike! Hereâ€(TM)s how:

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The Whole weekend is FREE whether on the ground or by joining by webcast.
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The upcoming 10th Anniversary of 9/11 represents a tremendous opportunity to:
Transform fear and hate into love across the globe
Reframe a day associated in millions of peoplesâ€(TM) hearts and minds with fear and hate into one where we step past age-old separation into new world cooperation and coherence
Be forever changed by the inspiration of A Regular Guy. ONE: Becoming ONE founder, Seattle Firefighter Erik Lawyer has shared his life savings to make this possible, to reach out to our greater humanityâ€"regardless of race, creed, background, bordersâ€"and harness their immense power of love and in turn redirect the course of history.
Shift our Worldview: The old M.O. said â€oeUnited We Standâ€� but implied separation, prejudice, and fear. That M.O. wonâ€(TM)t stand up to Love. WE ARE THE ONES weâ€(TM)ve been waiting for.


In the days after 9/11 thousands of people came to Seattle Center and other locations worldwide with notes, flowers, and to connect with their fellow humanity. In Seattle and across the globe we experienced an outpouring of compassion, deeply inherent to us as human beings. Ten years later, Seattle is responding with a global collaborative effort to recognize this anniversary as an opportunity to shift from fear to love.

ONE: The Gathering at the University of Washington (Friday 9/9-Sat. 9/10) &
ONE: THE EVENT Sunday 9/11 at Seattle Center

ONE: The Gathering
When: Friday & Saturday, September 9th & 10th
Time: 10:00 am to 8:30 pm
Where: Kane Hall & Mary Gates Hall
University of Washington, Seattle

Webcast Globally
Join us at the University of Washington for outstanding speakers, workshops and interactive dialogue into the creation of inspired action steps. A solutions summit instinctively pulls both local and global game changers into dialogue, creative engagement and sustainable actions-based visioning, while our robust local lineup of music and creative spoken word pieces will revv up our creative engines.

Speakers will include Dr. Masaru Emoto, Nassim Haramein, â€oeThe Bionic Womanâ€� Lindsay Wagner, Former Amnesty Intâ€(TM)l Washington DC Director James Oâ€(TM)Dea, John Perkins, Barbara Marx Hubbard, Rachel Bagby, Ocean Robbins, Brooke Medicine Eagle, and more (see full lineup below). Join together with a powerful array of local organizations and leadership representing collaboration-based systems. Workshops will also be offered throughout the 2 days, making sure we cover each of the 12 pillars that create a whole system and exploring solutions to bridge old systems to new.

ONE: The Event
Sunday, September 11, 2011
12:00 Noon to 7:00 pm
Memorial Stadium, Seattle Center
Seattle, Washington

Webcast Globally
Featuring music, ceremony, speakers and a full lineup of creative pieces, this powerful event culminates in a GLOBAL SYNCHRONIZED MOMENT OF LOVE at 10:46pm GMT (3:46pm PDT). Throughout this day, we will harness our collective intention to shift to love-based, collaborative solutions that will end the age of fear and isolation. You can also choose to participate in 10+Seattleâ€(TM)s early morning meditation to start the day off with a platform of transforming love. This separate event on Sunday morning is hosted by our partner/collaborator, 10+Seattle.

Cost: FREE and open to public

Hosting Organization: ONE Becoming ONE

Love's Good

I can't argue against love, but I'm ready for Due Process and Accountability. Love will help everyone heal, but it won't shovel out the stables.

Agreed. Love is a there,

Agreed. Love is there, proof is our commitment to others.

Justice is abscent, and Eric Lawyer disappointed me by not returning any contact attempts through the now AWOL (in my opinion) FF911truth.

Though Eric Lawyer rocks for some really good energy into this movement over the years. Just get back to people and follow through next time, Eric.

Love is why I am here.

Love of Truth, Beauty, Goodness. Love for the weak, the innocent, victims of injustice, hatred, greed.

Love gives me the courage to do the right thing.

I agree with Eric on this one

Eric came face-to-face with his own emotions -- whether he's motivated by fear or by love. It has to be one or the other, and can't be both. So much of this movement is motivated by fear -- fear of the Patriot Act, of the FED, of the secret govt., of the CIA and the Mossad, of the "illuminati," of the elite, of Chem trails, floridated water, false flag attacks and the police state. Just go to Infowars and you'll see fear everywhere. The dynamic can readily be understood in Mother Teresa's unwillingness to be part of an anti-war movement, yet totally in favor of a Peace movement. She's known for feeding the hungry, not condemning and starving gluttons. To be sure, it's a spiritual perspective -- a shift in consciousness. How it translates into 9/11 justice I'm really not sure. But in the final analysis, he's heading in the right direction -- a direction we'll all find ourselves headed as real justice emerges.

One of the reasons the Jersey Girls were so effective is they were not motivated by fear. What fear could they possibly have that's greater than the tragedy they experienced and continue to endure?

For all intents and purposes, the punitive nature of our justice system is based in fear, so do we really want that type of justice? Why do we lock people up? Because we love them or because we fear them?

I challenge anyone reading this: How much of your motivation is based in fear? How you answer that question will determine what you do next and how effective it will be, IMHO.

Peacenik, you say: The

Peacenik, you say:

The dynamic can readily be understood in Mother Teresa's unwillingness to be part of an anti-war movement, yet totally in favor of a Peace movement. She's known for feeding the hungry, not condemning and starving gluttons.

The thing about that statement is that gluttons are thriving and people are still starving. Love has not, and I doubt it ever will, stop that. If someone killed my child with malice I would not love them for anything; I would see justice through to the end.

It can never be a perfect world but I believe in a balance of all things, including emotions.

Correct and incorrect

Yes, gluttons are thriving and people are starving. No, love absolutely ends the hunger of every hungry person you feed. That's mother Teresa's point, that's my point, and I'd bet it's part of Eric's equation, too. Hunger will end when more people decide to help feed other people. That's the only way it's gonna happen. You can arrest and condemn all the people you want, but that's not gonna feed anybody.

But your example of a child murder gets to the heart of the matter regarding 9/11, so let's work with that one.

Your hypothetical child is dead.
The person who did it is still at-large. You think it might be a couple of people in your family -- one you like, one you don't really like.
The police don't have a clue and basically think your nuts for suggesting it.
You work tirelessly for 20 years and finally, you've got hard evidence to bring to a prosecutor and s/he says, "It's a slam dunk. Pick your punishment and the judge will likely give you whatever you want."
During these 20 years, this issue wreaks havoc in your family and splits it into a whole set of twisted factions (you've got a lot of cousins).

What punishment are you going to ask for the family member you like and the family member you don't like? and Why?

Next question. If it had never happened, what else would you have worked tirelessly to come to fruition?

Next question. Why did you pursue (punitive) justice with all that family strife, rather than that other thing (above) you would have done with your time?

Punitive measures all too often react with our fears. At the very least, fear of the uncertainty of unexpected tragedy.

I think part of what Eric's trying to express is that the process goes from fear, to anger, right on up to remediation, resolution and restitution. I'd argue the stage of restitution is the liberating stage. It's the final balance from which to move forward, unencumbered by past wrongs. It's when victimhood ends. It's the stage where love dominates.

In the case of murder, though, there can be no real restitution because the child is never going to come back, so the idea of moving forward, unencumbered, becomes purely a personal emotional decision. At some point we're all gonna have to make that decision to move to the next stage, or this could haunt us for the rest of our lives.

Simply, if justice is the goal, we will fail. If justice is part of the process toward a state where justice is no longer necessary, then we'll win -- or it won't matter.

IMO, we really need to work on identifying a common vision of life after justice to make some shit happen regarding 9/11. Or maybe that's just me.