ACTION ALERT: Send a Letter in Support of 9/11 Truth


The 10th anniversary of 9/11 presents a unique opportunity to reach millions of people by writing letters to the editor on a massive scale. The subject matter is ripe for discussion, and newspaper editors will be obliged to print a great many of our letters.

Here is a sample LTE inspired by the recent essay from Paul Craig Roberts. Please submit this letter to your local newspaper - or write one of your own. All newspapers have online submission forms for easy convenience. Most public forums allow for 250 or 300 words, however some have a 200-word limit. Join this grassroots campaign that is underway now! Our goal is to generate 1,000 submissions in the next few days. Simply copy the following letter into the online submission form of your newspaper and submit. Spread on Facebook!

Thanks to Lynn Bradbury for help with the composition and editing.

(LTE - 220 words)

Former Reagan adminstration official Dr. Paul Craig Roberts recently wrote an essay titled, "9/11 After A Decade: Have We Learned Anything?" In this paper, he reminds us that the 9/11 Commission's own chairmen, Thomas Kean and Lee Hamilton, said it was "set up to fail." Senior counsel John Farmer, Jr., wrote that the US government made "a decision not to tell the truth about what happened," and that the NORAD tapes "told a radically different story from what had been told to us and the public." Kean also said, "We to this day don't know why NORAD told us what they told us, it was just so far from the truth."

Most questions from the 9/11 families weren't answered. Important and expert witnesses weren't called. Roberts called the commission a "controlled political operation composed of politicians instead of experts, which only heard from supporters of the government's account. It was not an investigation of events and evidence."

Senator Max Cleland resigned, retaining integrity by not participating in a "compromised investigation."

Please support the petition for real investigation, as have 1500 architects and engineers and over 10,000 others, at Watch their DVD trailer for "Experts Speak Out" which details the controlled demolition of the THREE WTC towers. Watch the ad featuring 9/11 family members, first responders, and others at

Another Great Letter Template to use...

Here's another great letter template you can use:

Soon, we will all be exposed to the officially sanctioned ten year memorial production designed to reenforce the state-approved narrative of the 9/11 attacks by appealing to our emotions. What we will not hear from official sources and their parrots in the mainstream media is any suggestion of the flood of factual evidence that well-credentialed scientists, architects, engineers, first-responders, journalists, and other knowledgeable professionals have accumulated over these past ten years that refute beyond a reasonable doubt the official decrees about the events of 9/11. We may hear passing snarky references to the "Truthers," we may read articles attempting to explain or even pathologize the movement from a pseudo-psychological perspective. But we will not hear direct, open, honest debate about the actual evidence.

The fact that it is virtually forbidden within mainstream circles to question official decrees regarding one of the most important "trigger events" in all of history should in itself raise questions about the nature of the political landscape we find ourselves in.

There are real psychological barriers to accepting the truth of 9/11. First, nobody likes to be fooled. Second, it's always emotionally easier to accept the existence of an outside enemy, rather that an internal enemy at the highest levels of power. Third, the implications are nearly unthinkable for most people. Yet the truth remains the truth whether we accept it or not. Please remember that the German people tried to fall back on their ignorance of Nazi atrocities, arguing that such psychopathic behavior by their rulers would have been unthinkable for the average person. The rest of the world did not not take kindly to that defense.

The truth continues to emerge. An opinion poll recently conducted in NYC found that nearly half, 48%, want a new investigation. I have no doubt that future generations will know the Big Lie for what it is. The question is, will the people of the U.S. finally get out in front and find the courage to force accountability upon the perpetrators.

In the name of Peace and Justice,

Check word limits

That's an excellent letter, O., but it is just over 300 words (328 by my count). It would need to be shaved down to 300 if that's your newspaper's limit. Check to be sure. As I mentioned, the word limit might well be only 250 or 200, which is why I posted one that's short. We don't want to be rejected for exceeding the limit.

This letter would be a fantastic editorial as it really deals with the psychological resistance head on. Editorials can usually have up to 500 words. Maybe you should submit it to Op-Ed News and ICH.

Everyone please participate! Write your own letter - people here are very knowledgeable. But it's good to have a model for folks to play off from, especially if this is a wide campaign, which I hope it will be.

NY Magazine - Sept 5-12th issue just out

These letters are a great idea and should definitely be sent to NY Magazine that just came out with the most inane issue on 9/11. Yes, it mentions the Building 7 controversy but very little else and it makes Guiliani into a hero and no mention of Jenner or nanothermite, Rodriguez and many others. A travesty all the way around.


Also, sending one to your own town newspaper is important because editors typically want to reflect the views of the people who live there.

People should feel free to post their own letters on this thread that they send out.

Here's one I've had published that anyone can use...

Dear Editor,

As the upcoming 10th anniversary of 9/11 approaches I find myself reflecting more on some of the changes our nation has undergone since that fateful and horribly tragic day occurred. Have we become a safer country or more open and honest towards one another, or have we let the day that they say 'changed everything' change us for the worse? The Bush Administration initially rejected a proper investigation into the attacks of 9/11, the investigation was put off for more than 440 days and was underfunded and incomplete. In contrast the investigations of similar events such as the sinking of the Titanic, the killing of JFK, The Challenger crash, and Pearl Harbor were all initiated after about a week.

Instead of securing our borders and performing better oversight over who enters and leaves our country, we have made our citizens including the elderly take off their shoes and belts if they choose to travel through our airports and we are now more likely to be subjected to naked body scanners in these airports as well. Instead of cherishing our freedoms, we gave them up after a mysterious attack of Anthrax when the subsequently and strangely named "Patriot Act" was signed into law and effectively took away our historic Bill of Rights. We are no longer guaranteed the right to a timely trial or protection from unjust detention. We can no longer expect our right of privacy to be honored, even our library records, email messages, and phone conversations are now susceptible to being monitored and recorded.

I propose that our society has become more of a police state, our government has grown more intrusive and massive, and our society has been more under the influence of international corporations and fear than ever before. Our U.S. military is now more and more taken over by private mercenaries hired from private contractors and paid more than our enlisted soldiers all with our collected tax dollars. Why does the best military in the world need to be protected and guarded by Blackwater/Xe employees? Why are our elections now run on private machines owned by private companies who count our votes using secret software?

Some people said that Osama bin Laden hit our financial center with the goal of draining our economy and society through entangling us in unending wars in the Middle East. Some people said Osama bin Laden hated us for our freedoms. Seems George W. Bush and his friends in the Republican and Democratic parties accomplished too many of Bin Laden's goals all the while making their friends in the military industrial and oil corporations extremely wealthy. We were lied to about the WMD and Anthrax attacks. We were lied to about the murder of a true patriot Pat Tillman. And we've been lied to about most everything else. Corporations control way too much of our mainstream media and divide us into a false left vs. right hostile environment while they steal our tax money through questionable bailout programs and rewrite our laws to benefit their international business and outsourcing plans.

9/11 has changed this country for the worse, and we all need to question the official story of that day, demand a new investigation, and speak out about this to our friends, family, and especially our elected officials.

But none of you get the 'Big Picture'

As the Libya situation shows, at this point the world is corrupt to the core, as Russia now realizes the TNC in Libya as legitimate. The lack of recognition of 911 truth (as it is a given with all higher-ups of all world institutions) shows where we as a species have come, not that we were any different in the past. In the past, knowledge was all 'he said, she said' gossip. Now all logic shows the truth of what happened on 9/11, but the excuses exist (governments: 'Well, we do that to, false flags, etc.'). We, for those of you that can see yourselves as 'human' instead of 'American', 'Jew', 'German', etc. are screwed, should only hope that the 'proles' realize the truth.

Or, that some outside organization will end our little game before we destroy the planet. But are they any better? I seriously doubt it, and I worry that 'they' are no better than us, and my only hope is that we win and confront 'them' and their evil.

It seems to me that not only is modern humanity corrupt, but also those entities that have greater technology. They were the survivors of murder and annihilation of competitors, as could be all NATO associated citizens.

And so it goes... seems like all 'Goodness' is destroyed and murderers live on, over and over again.

This is important, but one question

I've been able to get longish 9/11 related letters to the editor published in big newspapers in Finland. Again, I'm asking: how difficult is it to get such letters published in papers such as the New York Times? The opinion pages editors tend to be more open to diverse views than other editors. Or are the big U.S. media *so* controlled that there isn't even a chance? I'm just wondering, as I seldom read about skeptical 9/11 related reader submissions published in US papers.


My assumption is that the NYTimes would never allow a reasonable letter about the "conspiracy theories" to be published. The paper is an arm of the Administration in many ways.

When the SF Chronicle allowed me to publish extremely brief statements questioning the official story, they refused to allow me to use Jim Hoffman's name or his website url. It was basically forbidden, to even mention his name, which I found very interesting.

A letter published in the Montreal Gazette

Re: "Clinging to conspiracies" (Gaz-ette, Sept. 3).

Like many articles debunking 9/11 skepticism, Hubert Bauch's focused on the mental and emotional state of the skeptics rather than on the anomalous physical evidence that they cite in support of their view.

This is a classic instance of the logical fallacy of ad hominem: attack the person who makes the claim and not the claim itself.

And what about this whole psychological angle anyway? Would it really be more painful to believe that a band of foreign terrorists had hijacked passenger aircraft and flown them into buildings, killing thousands of your fellow citizens, or to contemplate that your own government had itself orchestrated an attack on its citizens and then falsely blamed it on outside forces?

Debunkers routinely suggest that conspiracist thinking provides comfort and solace in a chaotic world, but if my history of sleepless nights is any indication then this is clearly absurd. I would much rather embrace the conventional view of 9/11 if doing so did not require the quarantining of my rationality.

Mr. Bauch should have given a fair hearing to at least a few of the many empirical arguments offered by those who seek to demythologize 9/11.

Given the fact that 9/11 has been used by the U.S. as a pretext for both military aggression abroad and the suspension of civil liberties at home, we should be duly vigilant about any attempt to enshrine it within the annals of historical orthodoxy.

James Pettit T.M.R.