News report of underground explosions at wtc7

A very interesting clip from a news broadcast on the day.
The reporter describes hearing underground explosions at WTC7, whilst the twin towers were still standing. This ties in with Barry Jennings' testimony of explosions in WTC7, which caused him to be trapped in the building prior to either tower collapsing.

Seemingly "debunking" of Barry Jennings

There are other persons, who were inside WTC-7 until the collapse of the south-tower and did not report of any explosions inside WTC-7 - on contrary, they were running a "triage and treatment area" there.
How could that be? Do anybody have information about these persons?

Mister Peruggia
"Our patient count was probably a half dozen to a dozen at that point. We had maybe three or four EMTs working under Captain Nahmod with Dr. Asaeda. We had a whole treatment center set up inside those bays. They got folding chairs from the building security. They had back boards, they had oxygen. It was working out real nice. "

From the Front Lines of the World Trade Center Disaster
Asaeda, Glenn MD
"I proceeded north as my partner went south. As I approached the No. 7 World Trade Center building, I realized how close the initial triage and treatment area was set up by our EMS personnel, and made the decision to evacuate these patients being treated to an area further north. While we were attempting to make the transfer, the South Tower began to lean and then collapsed with what sounded like jet engines coming toward us.
By sheer instinct and with no planning whatsoever, I grabbed my patients and dove for cover into an alcove between the lobby of No. 7 and the loading dock. I pulled my helmet visor down, grabbed the chinstrap, and squatted down against the wall, thinking that this was it for me. I truly thought this was where my life would end."

The account of another doctor, who confirms her account of no explosions inside WTC-7:

Video of the WTC7 Triage

Taken sometime between 10 am and 10:28 am.

See this video at mark :15 and at mark 4:08. You can see the "back boards" and chairs set up in the loading dock area.

At mark 3:50 you hear an explosion.

I would very much like to talk to the triage team.


"At mark 3:50 you hear an explosion."

I don't think that is an explosion. Could be something dropping or a door violently closing.

Anyway, there was this Secret Service agent on the 2nd floor of WTC 7 at around 10 a.m. Had he been on higher floors? Would he have heard Barry's calls for help from the 8th floor?

Bad cut

I would like to hear the rest of his sentence, as to see, if this was the beginning of the South Towers collapse.