Bush PR Campaign In New Attempt To Cover His Butt For 9/11 Inaction


This post is in reference to the recent Bush 9/11 anniversary PR tour and the following article:
Why I Just Looked Blank When Told of 9/11 Attacks

NewsFocus Op/Ed: The article above is pure insanity. Those that buy this line of public relations BS are falling for a lame-ass, very feeble excuse with no merit of logic or intelligence. Bush was the Commander in Chief of the United States. When he stole the Presidency, he stole that title as well. His sole job in that capacity was to help coordinate a national defense of the U.S. By his illogic, he admits to having no clue as to how to be a grown up and simply excuse himself from a classroom of children that knew nothing about what Andy Card had just told him. So how is it that those poor little kids would have been scared when the President of the United States had to get up and leave to "go to work?" They see their daddy and mommy do it every single day. How on earth was that going to traumatize the kids?

Oooh, that would have been soooo scary.

By his own ridiculous admission, he actually deferred to sitting with children, rather than doing his job and protecting the United States of America. He truly wants us to believe that he cared more about not scaring a small classroom of little kids, rather than protecting over 310-million Americans. Asinine priorities for a president to have, let alone the Commander in Chief. He expects us to believe that by appearing calm and doing nothing, his inaction would make Americans feel safer.


And while on that sorry, pitiful excuse, it should be noted that there was no live national feed of his Florida classroom visit, so how does he think that sitting there shows calm to the U.S. public? No one could see him except for the press corps who would be reporting after the fact once he finally left the classroom and his precious photo-op.

There is clearly no tenable reason, nor any viable excuse, for why he deliberately shirked his responsibilities during a direct attack on the United States of America. He was either inept in his sworn duties as Commander in Chief, or was being complicit in the attacks. You decide.

FACTS: Regarding Our Top Leaders On 9/11...

Supreme Court Appointed President George W. Bush:
Sat on his butt in a Florida classroom, ignoring his duties as Commander in Chief after Chief of Staff Andrew Card told him, "A second plane has hit the tower. America is under attack."

Vice-President Dick Cheney:
According to 9/11 Commission testimony from DOT Commissioner Norman Mineta, Cheney tracked the attacking Pentagon object from over 80 miles out, yet did not have the object shot down, nor did he have the Pentagon evacuated.

Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld:
Told Representative Christopher Cox after the NY attacks, “Believe me, this isn’t over yet. There’s going to be another attack, and it could be us.” Then, when the Pentagon was attacked, he mysteriously abandoned his post and his designated job responsibility of directing a U.S. defense, instead running out onto the Pentagon lawn, voluntarily removing himself from the defense loop.

See the following damning video montage of news clips: Bush Inaction On 9/11

Don't just ask for a new 9/11 investigation, ask for a real 9/11 investigation.

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