The Ads Will Reach 10 Million New Yorkers

Reason #1 to Donate to the 10th Anniversary Campaign:
The Ads Will Reach 10 Million New Yorkers

September 4, 2011

Raising $1 million between September 1 and September 11 will enable the Remember Building 7 campaign to reach 10 million people in the New York Metropolitan Area through a combination of TV and out-of-home advertising. A whopping 60% of the target market will see the ads on TV or on the subway an average of 10 times each.

What does this level of coverage mean? It means an instant media frenzy and overnight surge in public awareness about the collapse of Building 7. It means talking heads on every news channel awkwardly defending a story their eyes tell them is absurd. It means a handful of courageous journalists finally having the permission to ask the real questions. It means millions of minds opening to the possibility that there really is more to 9/11, as they always suspected deep down.

If this is something you’d like to see, please donate now.

Do not wait to make your donation. The sooner you make your donation, the more of a multiplier effect it will have because it will encourage thousands of others to donate. Consider it an investment that will yield even more donations in the next eight days. Do not wait until the last day.

Only with your support can this campaign be a success.

Poster Ad to be seen in NYC
Imagine seeing this ad in every NYC subway car

Thank you for your generous support.


I pledged. I donated.

just wanted to stop by and give this exciting and worthy campaign a bump!

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Just donated safely and securely. Please contribute something even if it's just $10. You can use a debit or credit card. It will make a difference!

FYI, there are 17,636 guests online at right now. Most ever.
There are nearly 100,000 FB friends for AE and W911 combined.

And this big daddy has over a quarter of a million views! 262,050 views and counting....


i gave 25 Dollars.

pledged and donated also!

Spreading the word in the UK trying to get the debate going amongst people for the tenth anniversary