New video about 9/11 flight routes and the possibility of remote control

A new film of 6 minutes length has been released today, asking simple questions about the detours in the flight routes of the 9/11 hijackings, about "radar gaps", the simultaneous events between 8.46 and 8.56 a.m. that morning, as well as about the possibilitiy of remote control and the role of the war games.

For German readers: more in depth analysis of these issues is also available in a 5-page article in the recent print edition of news magazine "Hintergrund" (, as well as in a detailed report in the online news magazine "Telepolis" (, published on Sept. 7 - both articles written by me.

Very informative

There was something wrong with the audio, however - frequent cracks and distortion in your voice. Did you keep the microphone too close?