Thomas Kean Runs From 9/11 Questions to ‘Respect the Families’

Luke Rudkowski
September 6, 2011

Luke Rudkowski finds the Chairman of the 9/11 Commission Report Thomas Kean and won’t leave him alone until the unanswered questions about 9/11 are answered. Of course Kean run’s away, dodges questions and calls over security during the questioning when asked about Philip Zelikow’s 9/11 Commission outline, that was written before the investigation started. If this video shows anything, it shows how there was a massive cover up of the events of 9/11 by the Bush Administration.

Please share this video with your friends and family as the 10th anniversary of 9/11 approaches to demand a REAL 9/11 INVESTIGATION. Sorry for the audio problems the $10 microphone we use acts up sometimes. More surprises still to come, SUBSCRIBE to the WeAreChange channel to see more in the upcoming days.

Special Thanks to Bob McIlvaine for being an amazing human being and Dustin D editor

Who is "a little bit nuts"?

Mr Kean, with all due respect, you are in fact the one who is "a little bit nuts" for thinking you could fool all of the people all of the time. We're on to you pal. Talk about dereliction of duty! You share the prize with Hamilton. Watching your warm smile turn to ice the second Luke mentioned Zelikow spoke volumes.

What a shameful display of cowardice and palpable fear.

Luke, keep it up. Thanks for ruining his day. This made my day.

shameful behavior

is expected from these tools. They were hand picked.


Thank you Bob McIlvaine. Your strength is inspiring.

He says volumes with his actions

I have to agree with the other posters. He wants to hear how deep he's in it at this point. He makes an attempt to "get away", but hears out Luke anyhow.
THIS is the kind of interface that the 9/11 truth movement needs with the elected and appointed officials that are behind the cover-up. To be honest, I watched a video of an ugly confrontation a couple of years ago between a truther and one of these government mouthpieces. The truther kept screaming at him about the Zionist Occupation and we ended up looking foolish and fringe.It made me embarrassed of the movement and it painted so much quality truth research with a tainted brush.

Pointed, polite questions and a level tone are much more effective at keeping the reputation of our movement moving than any screaming or name-calling will ever accomplish. The heat is on, and the visibility sky high right now because of the anniversary. Luke, very well done. Thank you.