Long article on challenges to the 9/11 "official story" appears in Brazil's Ultimo Segundo

A long article regarding 9/11 and challenges to the official narrative appears today in the Brazilian “Ultimo Segundo.” I was interviewed by the author, Marsilea Gombata. A Google translation appears below.

Link to the article in Portuguese: http://ultimosegundo.ig.com.br/11desetembro/perguntas+sem+respostas+ainda+rondam+o+11+de+setembro/n1597197211446.html

“Unanswered questions still surround the September 11
Ten years later, scientists urge new investigation into the attacks that left nearly 3,000 dead in New York, Washington and Pennsylvania”

Marsilea Gombata, iG NY | 09/07/2011 08:00

Ten years later, on Sept. 11 is still shrouded in mystery, explanations that do not suit everyone and many questions unanswered. In the midst of several theories that raise the possibility the attacks were masterminded a plan by American authorities - because of coordinated actions by terrorists have been released without much technical knowledge and President George W. Bush (2001-2009) had a hurry to invade Afghanistan less than a month later -, academics and experts based on scientific evidence for a new investigation of the terrorist attacks.

Among the groups that refute the official version of the American government, that September 11 was masterminded and executed by Al-Qaeda's Osama bin Laden, hundreds of civilians, physicists, engineers, soldiers, pilots and even survivors.

The main point of contention between the government and unsatisfied with the official version refers to the collapse of the Twin Towers of the World Trade Center (WTC) in New York. While authorities say the buildings fell for the impact of the planes, whose subsequent fire led to internal melting of metallic structures, doubters argue that the almost symmetrical collapse of buildings would be impossible unless controlled explosions occurred in the internal structures. "The authorities' argument violates several principles of physics," said the professor of theology iG American David Griffin.

The opinion is shared by physicist Steven Jones, graduated from Brigham Young University in Utah (USA). He said the reddish residue found in dust from Sept. 11 indicate the previous presence of explosive material, which remains unexplained by the U.S. authorities.

For James Hufferd, organization Grassroots 911 Truth Group (Base Truth on 9 / 11, in free translation), "even with attacks at the top of the towers, the lower material could have withstood the impact of the planes." "Unless the building material to be sprayed, which only occur with Super explosions, the buildings could not fall the way it fell. It seems that detonators were made by people who knew the building and not by terrorists, "he said.

Beside him, the group Scholars for the Truth (Scholars for Truth in translation) on its website argues that the collapse of the North Tower and South Tower, each with 110 floors, and building 7, 47 floors, the WTC is "the only three cases in the history of tall structures of steel that completely collapsed due to fire only one."

Among those who doubt the official version of the attack on the Pentagon in Washington, another target of the Sept. 11, is the group Pilots for Truth (Pilots for Truth in translation). On their website, they claim not to have been found marks of airplane wings or debris at the impact site.

In an article written in 2005, the Griffin strange warning by Bush and the director of the National 9 / 11, Philip Zelikow to be careful with "outrageous conspiracy theories" about the attacks.

"What do these men mean by that? Can not mean that we should reject all conspiracy theories about September 11 because the government's explanation is itself a conspiracy theory, the conspirators all being members of al-Qaeda, "accuses the article published on the site 911review.com.

In the same vein, the unusual reaction of Bush, who did not act immediately to news of the WTC attacks while visiting a school in Florida, also joins a host of arguments that challenge the official version of the attacks. (See chronology of the infographic to September 11)

Read below the main unanswered questions, challenges and some opposed to the official version on the attacks of Sept. 11.

1. Fire
The official theory is seen as problematic by assuming that the collapse of the towers was caused not only by fire but by a combination of fire and damage structures on impact of the planes. According to his challengers, and the impact caused the fire to be incapable of melting steel structures, the towers were designed to withstand the impact of aircraft as large as Boeing 707s and even hurricanes and bombs.

In response to these arguments, the National Institute of Standards and Teconologia (NIST, its acronym in English) - responsible for investigating the WTC attacks - said in 2006 that the towers were designed to withstand multiple impacts of Boeings, but were destroyed by a 767 because the plane crash damaged the columns of the building, damaging the fire resistance and dispersing fuel in floors, fertile ground for the fire spread after ignition on several floors and lead to the collapse of the symmetrical buildings. The official explanation was confirmed by iG by former Fire Chief Vincent Dunn of New York, an expert on fires in tall buildings.

2. Steel
The melting of internal structures of steel towers is also viewed with suspicion. To be able to melt steel temperatures are required which exceed 1537 ° C. Scientists note that the energy of explosions due to hydrocarbons, which are aircraft fuel as kerosene, can reach a maximum of 926.6 ° C, ie around 610 degrees below what is needed for the melting point of steel.

According to NIST, however, when the steel reaches 1,000 ° C and begins to soften its resistance decreases until reaching 10% of its initial capacity. This softening would have led to the collapse of buildings.

3. Clouds of dust
Another sign that would be controlled explosion in the towers would be the presence of dust clouds, which occur when dust explosions expel the building with great energy. According to Griffin, the collapse of the towers produced clouds very similar to those seen in controlled demolitions of buildings and large structures, with the difference that the proportion of smoke during the fall of the towers was much larger.
According to NIST, the collapse of buildings compressed air, forcing smoke and debris out the windows, while the floors were falling in sequence. This type of jet (smoke and dust) is expected, according to the institute, since the air inside the building is compressed as the building collapses.

4. Noise bursts
In reports, some survivors and even emergency crews sent to rescue WTC claim to have heard the sounds of explosions before and during the collapse of buildings. "Originally, we thought it was internal and explosive detonations, because it was a succession of boom, boom, boom, boom, and then the tower fell," said Firefighter Edward Cachia the American newspaper The New York Times in December 2001.

5. Collapse below the impact zone
According to the official version, the "pancake effect" of a floor collapse on the other began when the floors above the hole left by the aircraft fell on the lower floors. Witnesses, however, say that the collapse of the South Tower (the first to fall) starts at a point below the impact zone.

NIST, however, says that the decline started from the top down and said there was no evidence collected by the agency, the New York police, firefighters or Port Authority of any explosions in the region as the area directly hit by airplanes.

Moreover, according to former Fire Chief Dunn, as each floor only carried the weight of the floor immediately above, so the upper floors began to collapse by the destruction caused by fire, all floors were pressed consecutively. This helps explain why the buildings collapsed completely, so the upper floors began to collapse, the pressure on the lower floors was more than they could handle.

A week before the bombing, the World Trade Center towers stood out in the landscape - Photo: Getty Images
1 / 24

6. Pulverization
Another indicative of controlled demolition, according to experts, is the presence of excessive dust due to destruction of the material of construction of the towers, like the History Channel said Col. John O'Dowd of the engineering staff of the U.S. military. "All around the WTC seemed that everything had been sprayed," said the channel in 2002.

The fact that scientists say would be a problem for the official version, which relies on gravity to explain the destruction of structures. The gravitational energy could be strong enough to break most of the concrete into very small pieces, but could not transform non-metallic and concrete structures of buildings in dust particles.

7. WTC 7
The collapse of WTC building 7 is even more difficult to explain why it was not hit by any aircraft. Thus, scientists said that none of the justifications presented by the collapse of the structures of government investigative commission can be used to explain the building that fell at 17h21 on 11 September, almost nine hours after the first attack on the towers. Experts calling for new research, WTC 7 is the first building constructed with steel to collapse alone.

8. Pentagon
In Washington, the attack on the symbol of Defense, the Pentagon also raised doubts and unanswered questions. Many are surprised to rush the FBI to collect records of the closed circuit cameras immediately after the explosion, as well as the fact that the available tapes do not show the shock of a 757 airplane wings or even brand.

The employee April Gallup, who on the day the Pentagon was hit back to work from maternity leave, said he saw a plane at the time of the attack on the headquarters of the Department of Defense.

Photo: Getty Images

View from the Pentagon after the terrorist attack on September 11, 2001

"I know I saw concrete blocks, computers, desks, everything destroyed," he said in an interview in 2007 the program Guns and Butter radio KPFA American. "In those days there was no specific alarms, alerts, nothing. It's amazing. I wonder how likely, on that particular day, there are no alarms or alerts? "He asked.

In an interview with CNN on September 15, 2001, former Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak (U.S. ally), which is pilot training, surprised by the fact that a plane had made it to the Pentagon without obstacles. "Whoever did it must have flown over the area for a long time. The Pentagon is not very high. A pilot can approach him in this way must have flown over the area to meet very obstacles he could find, "said former Egyptian leader.

IG, Griffin also noted that "the path made by the plane that hit the Pentagon was so confused that 757 experienced pilots said it was impossible to be done by an amateur, as was supposedly the terrorist Hani Hanjour."

9. The reaction of President George W. Bush
When he received the news of the attack on the first tower of the WTC, Bush was en route to a school in Florida, but still decided to maintain the schedule. When the news hit the second tower, then the president took part in the reading of a children's book and almost did not outline any terror, remain in the classroom with students.

Photo: AP Expand

Chief of Staff Andy Card tells President George W. Bush attack with airplanes into the World Trade Center during a visit to a school in Florida

The attitude considered "strange" by some critics has been portrayed in the film Fahrenheit 9 / 11 by Michael Moore. Criticized for having remained in the classroom with students, this year Bush said that his reaction was intended not to cause panic.

Among those who believe that September 11th was not the work of Muslim extremists, many are betting that the U.S. government was behind the attacks. "They do not want a new investigation because it would mean to show the real terrorist behind the Sept. 11, which are not members of Al Qaeda," said Hufferd.

"For me it is very clear that the September 11 terrorist operation is supposed to give the government the excuse to invade Afghanistan. They did everything to bring the Congress and the American people to get revenge. "

According to Griffin, 11 September came as "a pretext for war also in Iraq, a huge increase in military spending and doctrine that the U.S. could attack any nation that poses an imminent threat."

An atmosphere of post-terror attacks that would have led to "war crimes against democracy," according to article 2010 of the Canadian neuroscientist Laurie Manwell, especially after the Patriot Act, controversial measure that citizens spying, wiretapping and invasion of homes suspects.

The legislation, first adopted by Congress on October 26, 2001 during the Bush administration, was extended on 26 May this year by Barack Obama.

According to Jonathan Kay, author of a book on conspiracy theories related to the September 11 "Among the Truthers - A Journey Through America's Growing Conspiracist Underground" ("Among the Righteous - A Journey Through Crescent Underworld conspiracy" in free translation), the threat replaced the communist threat of terrorism, again with no direct effect on collective consciousness and lives of Americans.

Watch the video about the attacks of September 11: [embedded in the article]

* With the collaboration of Carolina Cement, New York, especially for iG

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AE911Truth supporters numbered at 12,935 today...

I just checked at AE911Truth.org.

Supporters now number 12,953 -- can we get that number to 13,000 by Sept 11th? I think we can!
Note that ANYONE can sign up as a supporting member, you don't have to be an architect or engineer.
Please sign up, no charge -- I already have some time ago. Then go to: AE911Truth.org

** I have posted the above suggestion at two forums already today, along with defending the facts versus the latest BBC debunking effort.

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13,000 by 9/11/11? No

13,000 by 9/11/11?

No problem. Hang tight.

13,000 on 9/11.

There you go: http://ae911truth.org/

There is a great, small team of volunteers working hard all the time keeping that petition moving forward.


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The 10 unanswered questions of 9/11

Surprisingly there is mountains of information and articles coming out lately in other countries such as America too. For instance, here is a very good article from Philadelphia concerning 10 unanswered questions of 9/11:



Great point, Shure. Also: 13,024... and rising.

Very glad to see so many articles about "unanswered questions of 9/11". And let me add that I was VERY inspired and motivated by Senator Gravel's (sp?) talk today at the Toronto hearings -- an action item we can all get behind and push ahead. Hope you all get a chance to hear his talk.

"1,560 verified architectural and engineering professionals and 13,024 other supporters
have signed the petition demanding of Congress
a truly independent investigation." -- AE911Truth.org

Hurray for the jump up, well over 13,000 supporters still on 9/11/11.

BUT -- not a "the petition demanding of Congress
a truly independent investigation."

But rather, a CITIZENS COMMISSION or Grand Jury, with subpoena power -- as outlined so well today by Senator Gravel in Toronto.