New video: WTC destruction; the horizontal movement of heavy free flying sections

Announcement: New video on free flying heavy steel sections from the Twin Towers is very informative and documents blast pressure wave effects. This is from an AE911Truth supporter from Germany, Andrea Dreger.

Magnificent analysis!

Stunning, damning, and brilliant.

If any doubt remained that these buildings were blown to smithereens, this wipes it away.

A staggeringly clear presentation that could not be more timely. The stifling propaganda accompanying the ten year anniversary of 9/11 is made bearable by the truth's remaining undeterred.

A Big Apple thank you to ae911truth! We love you, from the bottom of our pea-pickin' heart.

yeah, really important work

amazing patience and dedication in this. i'd never really taken much notice of those pieces before. the scale of the destruction is so tricky sometimes. but when you learn to see them they immediately burst out of the plumes at you every which way, and the explosive nature of the collapses becomes so much more VISUALLY obvious. great stuff!

Brilliant work, long over due

i have wondered for years about what the evidence the ejected material could lead to. I am very impressed with the quality of this research and can only applaud how this further supplants the evidence of controlled demolition of the WTC structures. Thank you !


'...applaud how this further supplants the evidence of controlled demolition....'

'Supplants'? That means 'to replace'. I'd be surprised if you were talking about this evidence as replacing evidence for controlled demolition. Are you sure you didn't mean 'supports'? Or 'supplements' maybe?

reply below

In the case of this work adding credibility to evidence supporting the near free-fall velocity of the towers, seismic tremors, etc, then yes, "supports" or "substantiates' would be far better used.

If we want to talk about the thesis that an outer space death ray caused damage to the towers and WTC 4/5/6 that was running around a couple of years ago, then by all means stick with "supplants".

Are the slides available for

Are the slides available for this?