The Popular Mechanics 9/11 IQ Test

(Now with updated video)

A look at Popular Mechanics and its failed defense of the official 9/11 conspiracy theory.

Helpful video

I love the comment that ends this video: 'In three years of arguing with conspiracy theorists, I've never once won an argument with them.'

I also very much appreciate the data about the use of the terms 'conspiracy theory' and 'conspiracy theorist': Used by the Washington Post and New York Times a total of 50 times in the 45 years prior to a 1967 CIA memo that used the former term in reference to skepticism over the Warren Report; and 2,630 times in the (almost) 45 years after that. Coincidence? (Actually, I'm surprised the latter figure isn't a lot higher.)

However, before passing this information along to others, I think it's important to know the source of this data. I didn't notice a source mentioned in the video. Could you please fill me in on this?

a French similar on"The 11 of September 2011 for the dummies"

Herblay FRANCE

thanks very much for this post. Maybe someone will put it into French.

We have a very good similar .pps called "The 11 of September 2011 for the dummies"

1) … rtie-1.pps

2) … rtie-2.pps