Rick Veitch on 9/11 and “The Big Lie”

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Rick Veitch on 9/11 and “The Big Lie”

Rick Veitch has been pushing the boundaries of comic book storytelling as a writer and artist for over three decades. Best known for his mind-bending work on DC's Swamp Thing, Veitch has worked on everything from mainstream superhero comics such as Justice League of America to the graphic navigation of the outer reaches of his own dreams in the independently published Rare Bit Fiends.

Veitch's most recent ongoing series was Army@Love, a black-humored, absurdist mash-up of romance and war genre comics, inspired in no small part by the hype and horror of the War on Terror. In 2006, Veitch released the epic book-length poem Can't Get No, exploring one man's soul-searching odyssey in the wake of 9/11. Publishers Weekly called it one of the "Best Books of 2006".

This week Rick Veitch returns to 9/11 - this time exploring some of the many inconsistencies and contradictions of the official account - in a new book from Image Comics called The Big Lie. 9/11 Truth News spoke to Rick Veitch to find out more about the inspiration behind his new work. Read the full interview here.

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