Political reporter says " Buy dinner, support our troops"

Graham Thomson of the Edmonton Journal wrote - I received a news release recently that really bothered me. It had nothing to do with Alberta politics or the two leadership races now underway for the Liberals and Conservatives. It had to do with a dinner this Saturday to honour the 157 Canadian soldiers killed in Afghanistan during our combat mission there. The ( $100.00 a plate) dinner will be attended by Alberta Lt.-Gov. Donald Ethell and hear a keynote address by Maj.-Gen. Jonathan Vance, who commanded coalition troops in Kandahar province for nine months.According to the news release, the event was "in jeopardy of cancellation." Simply put, not enough people had bought tickets. The dinner had room for 500 and would financially break even with 350 — but only 60 people had bought tickets when the news release crossed my desk. "We’re surprised that we’ve sold less than 60 tickets to an event dedicated to honouring the brave men and women who have died while serving in our Canadian Forces," wrote the event organizer, Mike McMurray. "We need to sell at least 300 more tickets to the gala dinner or we’re going to be left with little choice but to cancel the event. We simply can’t put on a poor show for our troops or the families of our fallen soldiers that we've invited."

"As a journalist" Graham wrote " I’m a bit of a skeptic and wary of patriotic jingoism but I came to greatly appreciate and admire the work done by those overstretched soldiers. And I came to know some of them as friends. One of them — Cpl. Jordan Anderson — is among the 157 soldiers in the “Portraits of Honour" exhibit. He was killed in by a roadside bomb July 4, 2007.

9/11 Truth activist Doug Brinkman commented - I'm sorry to hear about your friend Cpl. Jordan Anderson Graham, my sincere condolences to you, his family friends and co-workers. I too was devastated late spring of this year when I learned of 9 boys who were killed by a NATO gunner while gathering firewood in northern Afghanistan. The families of those boys got nothing more than apologies from NATO for their troubles and as far as I know there are no dinners planned in their memory at this time. I'd like to match your generous offer Graham for a dinner ticket as it's worth every penny but I've already spent $100.00 this week on another worthy cause that just might get our troops home sooner than later -. It's called RememberBuilding7.org and it's making a huge impact with FOX News and New Yorkers.

Respectfully In past on behalf of Edmonton911Truth I have supported the families of the troops by sponsoring my MP in Ottawa Laurie Hawn who ran a marathon in Europe.

9 Afghan boys killed by NATO helicopter gunners : http://articles.sfgate.com/2011-03-03/news/28648679_1_nato-forces-afghan-boys-helicopters

Yesterday this video was also posted on the Edmonton Journal on-line edition in response to the reporter's plea for help with dinner tickets...