Russ Baker, Sunday Night, Radio Everywhere (Coast to Coast): 9/11 Unanswered Questions

Russ Baker, Sunday Night, Radio Everywhere (Coast to Coast): 9/11 Unanswered Questions

Russ Baker talks about unanswered questions surrounding the Sept. 11, 2001 attacks: Coast to Coast AM, radio stations everywhere. 11pm-2am Pacific Time, Sunday 9/11; 2-5am Eastern Time Monday.

For stations in the US, Canada etc (and online worldwide), see this list:

Go get 'em, Russ!

I hope he's working on a book on the subject.

I want to listen

But where do international listeners, who rely on the internet, go? AFAICT, the station list doesn't help me.

Not sure if this will help you where you are...


Maybe it will...

How is the ad campaign going in New York?

I haven't seen any comments about it. Isn't there supposed to be a RememberBuilding7 ad blitz this week?

Archived Audio Here:

Russ Baker has one confused moment

At some point in this transmission, Baker says (my paraphrase) "I wouldn't support the AE911 Truthers...we should support the science 1st." What Baker seems to imply is that AE911 were truthers 1st who happen to have degrees, not the other way around. IE that because of the science, they signed the petition calling for a real investigation.

Baker disses AE 911 Truth

It is extremely suspicious to me that Russ Baker would diss AE 911 Truth professionals as being somehow one-sided conspiracy theorists. The thing about rat poison is that it is 99% delicious food for the rats. If anyone has access to this chap, he should be confronted on his comments.

He's got it wrong

The comment has been characterized as 'confused' and 'suspicious.' I'm not sure which is more accurate, but I do know that it does bother me. He keeps saying that he doesn't go into the subject of 9/11 because he hasn't studied it much; but then, he presumes to know enough to strongly imply that AE 9/11 Truth has been biased in its approach, with the suggestion that we need to seek out scientists who are unattached to the truth movement before we can have reliable results. But that just isn't so. AE911T came into existence only after its members had become convinced that the science was on our side. Baker should be asked why he apparently (mistakenly) believes it to be otherwise.