10 september 2011 mobile expo next to the Pompidou center Paris

Herblay FRANCE
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Translated by me ( not enough time to do a good job as I have to work tomorrow !!!)

Expo of the 10th anniversary next to the Pompidou Center
With the French vidéo "Demolition of the 11 September" the public could not leave this subjet :
(but that does not surprise any among us)

Jean-Michel always makes packed room (one does not even see it on the  photograph):  

Many people all the afternoon;  the weather is very nice:

The books are examined page by page ; the people desire to know how they can get their own copies and also the DVDS; they help themselves to the flyers.:


When we dismounted the exo mobile, the people present still wanted us to reply to their questions and that we keep the expo there !  

The public was very receptive, even enthusiastic for some.  We  meet certain persons who could not accept what we were saying (  inevitable );  for my part  and the first time I meet a person having a lost one  in the attacks and which does not leave me time to say three sentences.

Thanks to the reinforcement came from the province (Navy, Tanguy and f6),  we are arround fifteen to reception the public.  

A thanks very particular to John MITCHELL for his overhead projector,  Erix to have got up early in order to go to seek the material, and  with the members of CA which in despite their having a timetable very full, managed to pass a moment with us.

See you tomorrow at 14h at the Paris railway station of Monparnasse, unfortunately with your umbrellas. 

Yours yvesduc