One Million Viewers See Bob McIlvaine, Building 7 on France 3

One Million Viewers See Bob McIlvaine, Building 7 on France 3

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Remember Building 7 continues to educate millions of people on both sides of the Atlantic. France’s second largest public channel did the campaign justice in one of the most unbiased pieces ever done by a mainstream news outlet.

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The power of family members

Bob has given a perfect example of how family members should act to get a real investigation.

More Exposure

The problem is mostly the type of coverage we get from the Western media. This campaign has the potential to create an utmost needed public debate and that's why we should all unite behind it.

Remember Building 7 on NY1 News

This also is just out.

What facts?

Outside of parroting the bare assertion they found no evidence, they didn't mention one fact or any of the evidence in the piece. I'd be interested how their updated version explains 100' ft free fall.

peace all


Video quiz

On this subject, the video at the following blog post may be of interest:

Activism in Paris.

That was very well done.

& 1 million viewers is impressive.