911 peace and truth movement Paris the 11th sept 2011

Herblay FRANCE
bonsoir, despite the bad weather, the courageous were there ! If there wasn't the quantity we can say there was the quality !
Vivre la France vivre la vérité !

Not bad!

I'd say there was a surprisingly large number of you guys. Great accomplishment!

There was a demonstration in Finland, too, with live music in front of the Parliament.

Greetings from WACBelgium to those great souls in Paris !

Keep up the good work ! In Brussels, this year, after spending last Sept 11th in prison ( read about last years chalk-event here: http://www.vigli.org/eric100912.htm ) most of us were not invited to the official Orwellian 10 year-celebration of consecrating in tearful cement the proven lies of the criminal elite’s official version. The area around the Brussels Saint Gudule cathedral was swarming with plain-clothes police-men, and even what looked like snipers, peering down from a make-shift look-out tower, while the ignorant (??) elite arrived in their chauffeured limos to their designated parking spaces. ( Talking about “ignorance is strength”, bravo to James Corbett for summing up the official conspiracy theory in less than 5 min: http://www.corbettreport.com/911-a-conspiracy-theory )

We roamed around town distributing flyers from www.AE911Truth.org to passer-bys and in cafés with a “Truth-bike” and even a pink “Truth-Mobile” ( see JPG links!).



As you see in the first JPG link, we also had rain in Brussels, like our comrades in Paris.

But once in a while, the sun broke through, and we took a photo-op under a rainbow on Place Flagey with a specially made “Perception Dollar” from Carol Brouillet !

Talking about the criminal elite’s (including the complicit main-stream-media) “official version”, I would like to share a text I just received from M. Elias Davidsson, arguing that it is time for us to graduate from tearfully begging for another revised “official Warren investigation”. We can not trust our current criminally complicit structures to do this correctly : academia has had 10 years to join the truth movement, but they are 100% castrated, and followers of what they believe authority wants them to do : that is why they never managed to grow up, and leave school. Today, we have history books, teaching our children the official lies of September 11th, and soon there will be a revision of four or five laws of physics, to accommodate the teaching of how three skyscrapers can disintegrate to dust on a sunny Tuesday morning “due to fire”. Children who grow up with this kind of academia and Orwellian textbooks will be all the more well adapted, knowing that big brother and strong powerful authority is always right – if they want to end up being invited in their chauffeured limousine to the next 20 year celebration of consolidated lies that continue to hide the true criminal nature of September 11th 2001. ( Or perhaps if they simply want to avoid being taken aside to be groped as a highly suspicious air-traveler…) I, like Elias, have been around for long enough to realize that, seemingly at an increasing rate, many of our society's institutions are sinking into a quick-sand of functioning more and more as criminal syndicates. This is not what our fore-fathers intended for these institutions like the UN, or even the first architects of the Club of Rome. That is why I’m eager to share Elias’s seasoned position here with you:

“Is it responsible to demand a new investigation of 9/11? Reflections of a veteran 9/11 truther”

Elias Davidsson, 14 September 2011

Among 9/11 truthers it is fashionable to demand a new, independent, investigation of 9/11. The advantage of this demand is that it relieves the endorser from making statements that could be designated as "conspiracy theories". It allows 9/11 truthers to appear as agnostics, who merely "question the official account". Most 9/11 truthers, and particularly veteran truthers, are, however, convinced that 9/11 had been orchestrated by the US authorities.

I believe that it is dishonest to delude others about one's own convictions. If one is convinced that the US authorities masterminded 9/11, one should say so. There is plenty of evidence to support such a tentative conclusion.

To demand a new investigation of 9/11 is not only dishonest (at least for those who are convinced that 9/11 was an "inside job") but politically irresponsible. The history of 9/11 investigations hitherto has shown that the US authorities have done their utmost to prevent the truth on 9/11 to be revealed. We all know that the US authorities authorized or ordered the destruction of criminal evidence, intimidated and gagged witnesses, concealed and fabricated documents and bribed victims to ask no questions. We also know that the entire political class in the US, and virtually the entire media - from left to right - have refused to ask questions, systematically promoted the government's lies on 9/11, and continue to do so, in spite of a change in US Presidency. The crime of 9/11 is thus not limited to some rogue elements of the Bush administration, but is carried out and covered-up by the US regime in its entirety. No intelligent person can maintain - in the light of the above - that the institutions who have covered-up 9/11 will suddenly accept to incriminate former US leaders in mass murder and establish the collusion of the entire US political class in a criminal cover-up. Trying to convince the public that a true 9/11 investigation is feasible, is to deceive it.

There is a further reason why those who are convinced that 9/11 was an "inside job" act irresponsibly when demanding a new investigation. Assuming that 9/11 was an "inside job" means that the rogue forces who committed the crime still wield formidable power and are capable to murder any American citizen any time without legal consequences. It means that US citizens must be warned against the danger to their safety from covert groups that act under the auspices of the state. Those who truly believe that 9/11 was an "inside job" must help a public shift to a new, revolutionary, paradigm about their society. It requires a huge adjustment to suddenly view society's institutions as criminal syndicates. But it behooves 9/11 truthers to help others make this adjustment. A good diagnostician maintains his credibility by saying the truth, even if the truth is bitter.

Honesty demands from truthers to assert clearly and without equivocation their conviction - based on a mountain of evidence - that 9/11 was a state-crime, aimed at securing and promoting the long-term interests of the US elite, both against the American population and globally. The political implications of this diagnosis should be made clear, even if the implications are hard to face.

END of text “Is it responsible to demand a new investigation of 9/11? Reflections of a veteran 9/11 truther”by Elias Davidsson

What ever you choose, be it contributing to the tons of legitimate questions about the official account, or be it other work to help awaken the public from falling deeper into a fascist and authoritarian delusion, do it with all your heart, and make sure every-one around you realize that 9/11 Truthers have more fun, the best energy and the most salt-of-the-earth integrity to be found under the rainbow !

That is in any case what I have discovered among my Truther friends that I’ve had the privilege to get to know and enjoy !

As we pass this ten year mark, let’s look around us, and give a huge thanks to all those wonderful souls that are making this quest for a revival of human integrity the only way to go!

Thank-you, all of you!!!!



Thanks very much for your link to 9/11's a LIE

Merci, merci so much for the 9/11's à lie which I will certainly use for my street vidé projections and else where. Thanks also for the rest.
Yours John

Vivre la France. Vivre la vérité .

Very beautiful. Thank you, sir.

Your words and the video made me think of this scene from Casablanca.


We love seeing this!