“The Truth Has No Expiration Date” Richard Gage and Luke Rudkowski

Luke Rudkowski runs into Richard Gage AIA, during the 10th anniversary of 9/11 and asks him where do we go from here.



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A photo from Golden Gate Park in San Francisco, California

Great Interview! Thanks to Richard and Luke and COUNTLESS other individuals, all pulling together to bring this issue into the light.

R G: "I thought we'd be done in a year,"

I thought that too when I became outspoken in 2003.

We are still here in 1984.

So true.

"I thought we'd be done in a year... It would just spread like wildfire... little did I know that the psychology of 9/11 is far greater a hurdle than the scientific information about 9/11" ~ Richard Gage.

That's why the value of Laurie Manwell and others to the movement is so important as well. Luke Rudkowski is the man as usual.

The Asch Conformity Experiment
Luke Rudkowski - Just Keep Going, You Got Nothing To Lose

Psychology, yes--but let's always remember the other part of it

Psychology is one aspect of it. But we don't want to get in the habit of thinking in terms of mass psychology alone when it comes to accounting for what has blocked our message from getting through. As with other cover-ups (assassinations, stolen elections, etc.), we are seeing a disparity of power play out at its most basic level. I get tired sometimes of people saying, 'We'll probably never know the truth,' and leave it at that--without at least following up by reflecting, 'And what does that tell me about the nature of the political system I'm living in?" There's nothing inherently insoluble about these mysteries. We're not talking about deciphering some ancient code or reading tea leaves or anything. We don't get the truth about 9/11 and other events because the prevailing interests actively work to prevent the truth from getting out, and to sow confusion in the path of truthseekers. They do so because they benefit from the persistence of lies and stand to lose big time from revealing the truth. Those with power in this country depend on perpetual war and perpetual fear among the public. While people involved in the actual perpetration of 9/11 were assuredly not that great in number, the number of those who would stand to lose were the truth ever to be revealed would be much greater. How likely are legislators and public officials at whatever level to see reason in 9/11 truth arguments, when that would entail breaking with party bigwigs further up the chain, and ultimately with the big donors on which the political party duopoly depends? We're grateful, of course, for whichever such officials do take that step for the sake of the truth; but must not be surprised when they turn out to be few in number (very few, as it happens).

Ultimately we're talking about interests whose concern is not with the frailty of their psyches, but rather with the potential frailty of their bank accounts.

I understand that Gage and AE911Truth have good reason to stick with the fornesic evidence angle and not look at the wider political pictue. But when people are exposed to this information and wonder why they haven't heard of it before, we need to make sure they understand that these analyses--while technical and scientific, without overtly dealing with political questions-- have huge political implications, and are NOT taking place in a political vaccuum. It's ironic in a way; in sticking with the science and avoiding getting drawn into debates where they would run the risk of appearing politically biased or motivated, the members of AE911Truth are unable to address a major reason for why their message hasn't spread further.