500,000 Views for '9/11: A Conspiracy Theory' in 5 Days

Originally posted on 9/16/2011

James Corbett's humorous take on 9/11 has gone completely viral, amassing 500,000 views in just 5 days on youtube. This 5-minute satire of the 'Official Conspiracy Theory' uses factoids and hilarious graphics to drive home its points in what can only be called a masterpiece of reductio ad absurdum.

Whatever it is, it's working. A half-million views in 5 days speaks for itself.

Transcript and sources: http://www.corbettreport.com/?p=2594


and the rest...

I have a screenshot of when the view count was 302 but the likes were over 1,200...

this thing is so viral and wil have much more views than the counter suggests....

I don't know how to put a photo on here to show you all... how do you do that?

At this point

humor is a better teaching point than yelling.

Great piece of work from Corbett!

So true. Humor is incredibly effective at putting over points as everyone can relate to it... and in this case, even those who faithfully believe the official fairy story, those who have heard this material before, but only in discrete, separate sound bites and news clips... This piece is unique... everyone can now get an overview, and even those in impervious pathological ignorance of reality will get a good dousing with a virtual bucketful of iced water in the face. When connected together, as Corbett has so masterfully achieved here, the rank absurdity of the US government/corporate media story is undeniable.

If only Jon Stewart et al could join our ranks. Surely he knows.... he's intelligent and open minded...but perhaps, alongside so many in the entertainment industry (as well as in so many other walks of like, especially politicians), he places Career Before Country. Maybe one day....

BTW... Is this the trailer? ;)


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a week later


Keeps on going...

It just passed this video (Solving the Mystery of Building 7 by AE911Truth) which also has over 500,000 views!


It's just so strange that after watching something like this that we're expected to take congress and the president seriously.

I'm laughing !


I marvel at how successful was the Psy-Op....

(implanted fairy tale) that the masses bought it.

I guess some combination of naivety , gullibility, dullness, distractedness, fearfulness, laziness contributes to their success. They knew their target since they since they essentially created it.

Also the Psy-Op is ongoing considering the innumerable hits on us via a controlled media, and the specialists employed by the criminal cabal such as Sunstein, Zelikow, and Kay.

Like I say, "We're still here in 1984."

And with French sub titles !

Herblay FRANCE

and with French sub titles. I have not yet checked the translation.



Approaching 1,000,000 views now...

Currently 960,554 views on 12/14/2011 at 2pm Central. Let's put another push on spreading this video around and getting it over the 1 million viewers mark.

Great job James!!! Excellent.


500,000 in five days? given this was posted a couple days ago, and there were about 950,000 five days ago, where were the 500,000? Please do your best to keep this honest. Not that the counter is that reliable. and to be sure, not to reflect how closely I'm watching this or anything, the "likes" on this valuable video had an outsized increase in recent days.


Sorry for the confusion. Check the date on the YouTube video. I also added the original post date of this here on 9/11 Blogger. I just bumped it up because it was getting so close to the 1,000,000 view mark. Good eye.

1.1 Million views!

@ about 3 minutes & 27 seconds into the video, they show 7 inserted people. (Michael Springman, FBI Crowley, Sibel Edmonds etc.)

But, who are the guy's on the top middle & to his right?

& who is the guy on the bottom left?


Robert Wright

FBI whistle-blower Robert Wright - top middle.

(part 4 of 8)

I don't know about the younger gentleman on the top-right.

Thanks Nor-Cal

Doesn't look like Justice will ever happen for 911, but I would think FBI agent Robert Wright, would know exactly who is compromised within the Federal Bureau of Investigations.

Found out the guy (Richard Grove) on the top-right was a software salesmen who implicated Marsh & Mclennan & AIG in some way.. but his story seeems a little confusing & he seems to be making a business out of 911 truth.