FBI Pentagon 9/11 Attack Investigation Photos


Unfortunately the FBI saved these files with Photoshop. A FOIA request for the raw images should be made, otherwise we'll just have more whining from the NPT camp.

ETA: Note that this doesn't mean the photos are faked, this can be empirically established, it just means that, knowing the other side, they will claim either the photos or the debris are fake and will latch on to any excuse to do so. It's part of the denialist pathology.


It's too bad the Reno crash doesn't really have good images of the crash site -- that's a good example of a plane crashing head-on, intentionally, into an object. In most crashes the pilot is trying to keep the plane from hitting anything, so it ends up being a break-up of parts and there is less of an explosive total destruction.



The NPT and Pentagon plane crash deniers owe those of us who told the truth despite an onslaught of personal attacks, an apology. They owe us an apology for calling us 'Sunstein agents' and 'intellectual gestapo'. They owe us an apology for accusing us of complicity in mass murder. They owe us an apology for insinuating we had or have an anti-9/11 truth agenda. After all, AA 77 crashed into the Pentagon, the people on board died, making them victims of 9/11, with grieving family members. Whoever saw that plane crash into the building and was hoodwinked into supporting a conspiracy claim, relaying on camera an erroneous flight path observation (perfectly normal, even whether or not the plane was to the left or to the right of you), are owed an apology. The Pentagon witnesses, victims and first responders have the right to an apology. The 'debunkers', who didn't participate in the discussion much and instead sat on their asses while 9/11 Truthers (E.g. Russel Pickering, Jim/Victoria Hoffman, John Farmer, Adam Larson, Erik Larson) wrote papers and articles, unearthed photos, issued FOIA requests and did calculations, owe us humble gratitude.

Instead, what we get is a bunch of crazed Pentagon NPT/no crash lunatics ringing people's phones and even doorbells with intimidation and threats.

We will see no such apology. We may see some previously vocal no planers/no crashers sneak into the back, then fade into obscurity, in shame, but we won't get an apology.

Anybody reading this knows if I'm talking to you or not. Learn a lesson from this, and make sure you never forget it. Honesty endures. We'll be here, you won't.

Reno - Views

A friend at the show says there was nothing "bigger than a briefcase" left of the plane after this tragedy.