(2009 VIDEO) Jonathan Kay discusses WTC Building 7 with Professors Graeme Macqueen & Anthony Hall.

Uploaded by UW911ResearchGroup on Jun 2, 2009


During the question and answer period, columnist, Jonathan Kay, asks a question to professors Graeme MacQueen and Anthony Hall, as to why more mainstream journalists don't cover building 7. Professor Hall uses the opportunity to expose one example of Kay's yellow journalism and under researched defamation having ruined the career of one renowned Canadian journalist. supporting it being seen as "career suicide" to risk covering Building 7 in mainstream media.

Walkerton, Ontario
May 24, 2009

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I found that to be

well worth watching--thanks very much for posting. Maybe what's most impressive isn't just the fact that Hall let's Kay have it, but the very cool, self-assured manner in which he does so--picking up momentum as he goes along, yet still avoiding the temptation to go off on some red-faced, furious rant against the guy.

RE: I found that to be

Thank you. I agree.
Kudos to all of the honorable truth seekers in Canada.

The tsunami cometh.

wonderful . that slow dam burst is how many of us feel in the face of stupid or in this case subvert journalism . Outing initial A Priori Kay question important. Also recognition of effort by msmedia to promote idea of Bush admin so unorganized it could not have been part of conspiracy, well returned by panel thank you.... within that 'disorganization ' proposition it is well understood an organized rogue group flourishes, maintaining disorganization or illusion of it where it is required as cover for very direct actions. Also the idea people are expected to buy the theory of 'disorganization' within present military superstate where success of 'cave dwellers in Pakistan/Afghanistan ' pulling it off more viable than deep state false flag in the face of mass forensics establishing explosive demolition and the global history of such actions. Kind of like NISTs 'office furnishings fires, and gravity' "Probable collapse theory" doing what has NEVER happened before to steel framed high-rises without explosives, arguing it EASILY can happen with office furnishings fires because "we say so, and can prove it by computer model, which we won't allow you to see".

transparency in secret.

The Cultural Cold War : The CIA and the World of Arts and Letters" by Francis Stonor Saunders, is a wonderful book on the shaping of history via THE ARTS, magazine, movie, comic literary and literary worlds of post WWI till NOW. Put that alongside Orwells 'Homage to CATALONIA' and scope becomes wonderment.
that was a great question/statement made of Jonathan Kay's agenda. In case I was ever wondering how he could sit there pretending................................................