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The Toll of 9/11
People exposed to the dust cloud from the World Trade Center collapse still suffer from health problems
By Tia Ghose | September 11, 2011

My comment posted September 20, 2011:
Strangely, it is not asked what caused nearly everything but the steel to turn to unusually fine dust, the concrete, the office equipment including filing cabinets computers, and desks, and even the personnel.

The answer is in an April 2009 paper in the Open Chemical Physics Journal by Niels Harrit, et al.: Active Thermitic Material Discovered in Dust from the 9/11 World Trade Center Catastrophe. Unmistakable evidence was found in all 4 dust samples of a new high-tech super-explosive, nano-thermite in a special form adapted for spraying upon surfaces. Further proof of this is their also finding microspheres of iron in the same dust. Politics is preventing acknowledging the WTC towers were exploded rather than the official story of their collapsing from structural failure as result of airliner impact and fire. The buildings were taken down by controlled demolition, thermate cutting charges placed on the supporting core columns and nano-thermite sprayed between ceilings and the floors above them, all accomplished by crews riding atop elevators with easy access to the core columns in the corners of the elevator shafts. This explains the molten iron that remained so hot at ground zero for several weeks, molten iron at 4500 F being the chemical byproduct of the thermate reaction.

Also, a second comment about nanothermite was posted by John Edward Kendrick at same time:

Glaring omissions in this article involve particular chemicals in the dust (nanothermite) which is affirmed by ten US and European scientists and described in a peer-reviewed paper. (Jones Harrit Nanothermite Bentham<--these words should find the scientific paper on the web)

Nano-thermite is an exotic explosive/incendiary to which first responders were exposed. The medical manifestations of these 'workplace exposures' would be better documented and linked to particular chemistries IF government and private sector health agencies would pool their information about ground zero workers. Like asbestos-->mesiothelioma, exposure to nano-thermite and byproducts of the nano-thermite combustion may have specific, identifiable pathologies that are characteristic of this group.

The problem with official acknowledgement that nano-thermite was present is that this finding along undermines the official "conspiracy theory" about 19 radical Islamics. There is no way the muslims could have rigged the buildings with the nano-thermite AND the straight-forward medical evaluations will never be done to assure the cover-up continues as long as possible.

Yes, exposure to 'dust' at ground zero IS THE TIP OF THE ICEBERG--and when that iceberg is met head on, a revolution will happen. Hopefully, this will be sooner, rather than later--as you point out--for the well-being of all of us who have been traumatized by 9/11 and the subsequent big lies which have been used to justify a world of sins.

Carbon Nanotubes found in lungs of first responders/dust

I added this little tidbit for the author's own edification.

Case Report: Lung Disease in World Trade Center Responders 
Exposed to Dust and Smoke: Carbon Nanotubes Found in the Lungs 
of World Trade Center Patients and Dust Samples

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Yes search nano( tubes, thermite.. )in lungs of first responders

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it is a new idea to search in the lungs of bodies autopside for the nano ( tubes, thermite ?, ...) amongst the first 911 responders.