10 Youtube videos from the 9/11 Toronto Hearings

Here is a link to 10 Youtube videos from the recent 9/11 Hearings of Sep. 2011. They include addresses by 9/11 researchers like Kevin Ryan, David Chandler, Graeme MacQueen, Neils Harrit and others.

Click here for list of available Toronto Hearings Videos

Here is one of the videos: David Chandler on WTC 7: A Refutation of the Official Account


More here: http://www.youtube.com/user/WhatsReallyGoingOnUS


Watching Graeme's lecture now. It's excellent.


David Chandler's presentation inToronto is historic. Save this for your children. It took 100 years for Newton's theory of gravity to be widely accepted, but if enough people watched this presentation, this government would not withstand the gravity of the implications Mr. Chandler has so clearly stated. The best I have seen.

Threat of terror attack elevated be aware

Beware today is 9/27/2011 or 9/27/11 it is numerologically significant to these psychotics who plan these false flag attacks be aware today. The de-stabilization around the world may be a pretext for a false flag operation. Other dates to watch for include combinations of 11 and 9 or numbers that add up to 9 in November, like 11/9/11, 11/18/11 etc. 11/11/11 is especially suspect as it adds up to the masonic 33, as does 11/9/2011.


Just watched Graeme MacQueen's presentation, which I find to be thorough and compelling. Am looking forward to listening to the remainder of the hearings. This is outstanding work by all involved. Thanks a thousand times over for all you've done.

Yes, thanks for this, but I

Yes, thanks for this, but I am disappointed that Cynthia McKinney's speech, all but 40 seconds of it, seems to have been disappeared. What happened here? Surely it was recorded??

This site at least has the audio, but no video: