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Link wasn't working.

And I couldn't find any petitions regarding ae911truth. However there is a new feature at that allows petitions to be created. I believe a carefully worded petition acknowledging the inadequacies of the NIST report, and it should list the most egregious ones, would be a great idea. Coordinated with media outlets like infowars, rememberbuilding7, opednews, et al, we could gather many signatures.

There are some points to note, there is only a limited amount of time for signatures to be collected. (I don't know how long that it is yet). A account is required. Here is a small tutorial available on the site.

and now just thinking of it, if requesting a new investigation seems too daunting, possibly a petition for NIST to release ALL of the data collected in their "investigation" of the WTC destruction.


Functional Link!/petition/open-new-independent-investigation-events-911-focusing-twin-towers-and-collapse-building-7/kNg6V5QP

You may have to copy and paste it into your browser's address bar.

full url for link to "AE911Truth" petition on

I don't understand how to post working links here (nor why it should be this hard) but here is the full url, which I have also segmented so that the entire address can be seen. You will have to join and paste both segments into your url field to make it work:!/petition/open-new-independent-investigation-events-911-

The creator of this petition is a "Jason C." from Seattle. But he is clearly using AE911Truth's statement in his petition. Since I don't see any announcement of this on AE911Truth, I am concerned that someone has taken it upon himself to do this without properly coordinating it, thereby setting it up to fail. Or it could be a deliberate attempt to undermine the AE911Truth petition.

Working link works.

Yes, I got the link to work, thanks again for reposting it. There is until Oct 22 to gather 5000 signatures. Of course this petition has been submitted by ae911truth with other 1,000 professional signatures and 10,000 supporting signatures and we can see how far that went. Maybe we can still get enough signatures. If he was trying to post it with the aim of keeping it a secret for it to fail, we can backfire it. I have an opednews account, I'll post a story there. I will also send a note over to arch's and eng's to see if they are aware of it. We'll see what kind of action it will get. I think another petition for the all of NIST data for their investigation would be a good idea too.

thanks for posting jnelson.


I don't think it was started by aetruth.

They would mention something about it on their site. Definitely check in with them, though. I have also sent them a note.

I wouldn't put too much energy in this. Better to take it down if AE is being misrepresented. There's a time limit on these petitions, and if you don't get enough signatures in that time frame, it won't be recognized. It may become harder to present a real petition later.


Big Pain in the ass to sign this petition. Seems to be effective tho: Just over 1% of necessary signatures so far.