Michael Moore and Bill Maher defend Tony Bennett’s 9/11 comments

by Andrew Jones

Two people who aren’t afraid to agree with Tony Bennett’s controversial comments about 9/11 are Bill Maher and Michael Moore.

Harking back on their own experiences of getting condemned for provocative statements, both Maher and Moore defended the singer’s 9/11 comments on Real Time Friday evening.

In reaction to panel guest John Avlon saying “he was offended” by Bennett’s statements and labeling them “bulls–t,” Moore came in to vehemently defend the 85 year old crooner.

WATCH: Video from HBO, which aired on September 24, 2011.

“I’m not offended by what he said,” Moore said. “I think it was a brave thing to say, because what he was saying was much more complex. He wasn’t blaming and saying, ‘We’re responsible for our people getting killed.’”

“He’s just trying to say that past policies were such that we don’t get to go around the world and behave whatever way we want to behave and expect like something may not happen. If you have a pitbull in your neighbor’s backyard, and you go over and keep kicking that pitbulll and then that pitbull bites you, you don’t say ‘I don’t know why that pitbull bit me.’ Because you’ve been kicking the dog.”

When former congresswoman Jane Harman disagreed with Moore and called Bennett’s comments “careless,” Maher came in to back Moore.

“Nobody is saying that those specific people who died had it coming,” the Real Time host said. “No one is saying that. That’s how it becomes interpreted. What we’re saying is that the United States has almost half a million troops in over 150 countries around the world. That is an empire. If you want to have an empire, and this country by its acquiescence of that fact certainly does, if you want to have that big a footprint, yes, there is going to be some kind of blowback.”

Later on, Rage Against The Machine man Tom Morello shared his thoughts, mentioning how his band’s songs were backlisted from radio stations in the aftermath of 9/11.

Bennett apologized for his comments earlier in the week, saying, “I am sorry if my statements suggested anything other than an expression of my love for my country, my hope for humanity and my desire for peace throughout the world.”


bill maher lol

what a loon. on a sidenote, of course he will "agree". it's mainstream that "cia and fbi" were "incompetent".

We have no Empire...

Jane Harman next to Michael Moore as a counter weight? With her husband's recent purchase of Newsweek ($1) she has all the weight she needs to get out the message that "we don't have an empire". Good luck to you Jane, time for you to retire.

Bennett's "Blow Back" Theory Reinforces Unproven Official Story

Automated aviation technology made the 9/11 aircraft attacks entirely possible without accused hijacker involvement. And evidence for hijacker control over the 9/11 aircraft is quite problematic and uncorroborated.

Some of the strongest alleged evidence for hijacker intervention aboard the 9/11 flights is the alleged manual transponder deactivations. Hoping to post already collected information soon that demonstrates that such transponders can be deactivated non-manually.

Which is why Maher brings it up.

"Bennett's "Blow Back" Theory Reinforces Unproven Official Story"


Tom Morello.

Looks like he is ready to have an adult conversation about this.

His comments are short but hint at an openess to more than what we have been told (and I'm not talking about blowback) about 'what really happened' on 9/11.

really sad to watch talk of free speech....

and then fall short on 9/11. MM knows better.

Bill Maher -We know his history with the truth,

Jane Harmon? http://911blogger.com/search/node/%22jane%20harmon%22
I can't stand to watch BS like this.

Yes, it is sad

Yes, it is sad-- but it is also entirely par for the course for the 'alternative' media, and not the least bit surprising.

“Rage Against the Machine”



Michael Moore's site allows pro-truth comments. Keep the pressure up.

Threat of terror attack elevated be aware

Beware today is 9/27/2011 or 9/27/11 it is numerologically significant to these psychotics who plan these false flag attacks be aware today. The de-stabilization around the world may be a pretext for a false flag operation. Other dates to watch for include combinations of 11 and 9 or numbers that add up to 9 in November, like 11/9/11, 11/18/11 etc. 11/11/11 is especially suspect as it adds up to the masonic 33, as does 11/9/2011.

Wise up folks...!

This is not a debate or discussion in the normal sense that we understand one to be... it's a propaganda effort.. from beginning to end. It's purpose is to redirect the masses back to thinking that the only explanation for 9/11 is the 'suicidal hijackers' one, and if the US govt was involved, it was only in the sense that the US govt's foreign policy agitated the hijackers into commiting the crime... (notice that the so called non-believers in the discussion can only offer this as an alternative.. rather whimsical given all the evidence showing otherwise)

The purpose of the 'debate' is to counteract any doubts that may have been entertained by the masses after Tony Bennet's comments.

and yes, as disturbing as it is.. all the particpants around the table are in on the deceit.... including Moore..