9/11 First Responder Occupying Wall Street

A common cause...we got f$$ked by the man, his bankers and...

...their backers.

Health is by far more important and he took that too from the First Responders.

Regards John


While a first responder deserves more license than the rest of us, blocking one's face or even eyes makes the police have better reason to fear you. Nonviolent action seeks to wean the government official away from seeing himself as an official and more as a human being.

Nonviolence is generally held in contempt by most Americans. Americans generally avoid the trappings of nonviolence because they put hatred of the adversary above all.

Threat of terror attack elevated be aware

Beware today is 9/27/2011 or 9/27/11 it is numerologically significant to these psychotics who plan these false flag attacks be aware today. The de-stabilization around the world may be a pretext for a false flag operation. Other dates to watch for include combinations of 11 and 9 or numbers that add up to 9 in November, like 11/9/11, 11/18/11 etc. 11/11/11 is especially suspect as it adds up to the masonic 33, as does 11/9/2011.