Your help needed with campaign against the BBC - please lodge your complaint

Please support us in the UK in our major campaign against the BBC and its biased coverage of 9/11. We need as many people as possible to go through a simple process of lodging a complaint through the BBC website and we will use this as ammunition to reinforce our current high level campaign. The BBC can be the achilles heel of the mianstream media block on 9/11. As a publicly owned and publicly funded media outlet we have a unique opportunity here because it is required to have a formal complaints process which is overseen by a Board of Trustees whose job it is to ensure the BBC conducts itself in an appropriate manner. Part of its appropriate manner is to provide fair and unbiased reporting, which it was very clearly in breach of through its onslaught of stories and programmes trying to debunk the 9/11 truth movement over the period of the 10th anniversary.

This gives us an opportunity to launch a campaign of mass complaints to reinforce our current campaign against the BBC which is occurring at a high level. Here is the process for lodging a complaint:

1. Go to the BBC complaints form here

2. Select ‘make a complaint’ from the menu

3. Go through the complaints process as requested. When it asks you which channel you are referring to, it doesn’t matter which channel you choose.

4. When it asks you for ‘programme title’, write 9/11 in the box and a number of programme options will appear and you can then choose which one you wish to complain about. The best one to complain about is '9/11: Conspiracy Roadtrip' (explained below). You do not need to list the date of the programme.

5. When it asks you to write about your complaint, two important things to highlight that will help are a) that the coverage was clearly biased towards reinforcing the official story, b) if you can, highlight some specific examples of important facts and issues that were ignored and not covered such as the examples listed below, this provides more justification for your complaint. But just stating that 'you are unhappy that the show was clearly biased towards reinforcing the official story and didn't cover the most important factual pieces of scientific evidence', is a good start.

6. This step is optional but is crucial for this cause. After you have lodged a complaint with the BBC, send an e-mail to informing us that you have lodged a complaint. This way we can have some evidence for the BBC about the number of complaints that we know they have received. No individual information will be used at all with this. We will simply use this as a process for collating numbers as ammunition to take things higher.

Here is some quick justification for lodging your complaint. The most obvious programme for lodging a complaint about was '9/11: Conspiracy Road Trip' which took 5 people from the UK who did not believe the official 9/11 and took them on a road trip to the US to meet the experts who would prove to them that the official story was in fact true. You can watch it at

This documentary was so shamefully manipulated to portray doubters of the official 9/11 story as crazy nut cases, that one of the participants on the show, Emily Church, felt compelled to write and publish this story about her experience The host of the show (a comedian) at one point described the five ‘9/11 truthers’ who were participating in the show as ‘nice people but incredibly cynical, child-like, and gullible’. And he also stated that ‘you would think that a science graduate would be more rational’. Does that sound like unbiased and fair reporting? Explanations for the collapse of the Twin Towers were made using lego towers and there was no discussion regarding free fall or the incredibly important relevance of this. There was also absolutely no mention of eye witnesses reporting explosions or of molten steel pouring out of the basement. Building 7 and free fall was not even mentioned. There was no mention of the high speed lateral ejection of huge steel girders. Meanwhile they threw around some water bombs to 'prove' that United 93 really did crash in Shanksville, and they showed that a novice could successfully turn the steering wheel of a small plane, therefore that was proof that the hijackers could have successfully flown the airliners into the buildings. And yet the host called the participants child-like and gullible for believing scientific facts (that the show didn't cover) over their ridiculous stunts that they pulled on the show.

Please help us with this campaign which we believe gives us a unique opportunity to really pressurise and expose one of the biggest mainstream media outlets in the Western World.

Many thanks.