Osama bin Laden talks about Underwear Bomber - Prosecution's Evidence

"...In another request filed today, prosecutors want to admit as evidence a 3-minute 42-second clip of the Al Qaeda-produced video, "America and the Final Trap." In the video, Osama bin Laden makes statements commending Abdulmutallab, and prosecutors want to use them against him at trial..." --- Detroit Free Press September 22, 2011

"...The new ev­idence includes FBI doc­u­ments that relate to the construction of the bomb, records show. Fed­eral pros­ecutors also have re­leased a video ti­tled "America and the Final Trap," which con­tains a seg­ment in which var­ious al-Qaida of­ficials, including Osama Bin Laden, talk about Abdulmutallab, records show. The video also includes an excerpt of the martyrdom video recorded by Abdulmutallab prior to his foiled mis­sion, records show...." --- Detroit Free Press June 21, 2011


Underwear-bombing jury may see video demo of how explosive was used
Detroit Free Press - September 22, 2011

Are photos of burned genitals key evidence in underwear bomber case?
Detroit Free Press - June 21, 2011

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I had a difficult time locating the video "America and the Final Trap" with a recognizable Osama bin Laden in it.
Can anyone help?

Abdulmutallab, a former baritone

squeaked in his high pitched voice, that he now wanted to be legally represented by a certain well dressed man from India, who helped him in the past.

Funding for his defense will come from two sources, namely the sale of some of his Full body scanner stock, which coincidently skyrocketed since his stellar Christmas performance of "Chestnuts Roasting on an Open Fire", and security industry advertisement revenue generated from their blockbuster production "America and the Final Trap", starring the late, great, money making machine himself, Mr. Osama Bin Laden.

I am laughing!

I love seeing all the humorous comments posted on 911blogger.

It takes the edge off.

And the Truth makes the lies look so damn silly. ...because the government lies are idiotically silly, like trying to tell an adult and insisting that there really is a Santa Clause.

Talking about roasting chestnuts...

It is quite amazing that the Underwear Bomber remained silently stoic while those nuts crackled to a crisp in a chemical fire. What guy can do that? Most guys would be hopping and dancing the "wild cussword jig".

That is another part of the story that is really strange.

I just want to see his

I just want to see his passport. Was it presented to officials or not? Was it on the plane or not?

That would help this story out a lot.

The prosecution says that they have the passport.

The prosecution says that they have the passport.

The backstory about it is weird. It took over 18 months before the prosecution said that they had it and was to be admitted as evidence. The defense was caught by surprise as the information about the passport and other evidence was withheld until the last moments.

Having a passport does not fit. Two people (Kurt Haskell and a non-related woman) witnessed the well dressed man say that Umar did not have a passport. If Umar had had a passport, then there never would have been a need for a well dressed man.

What is more... ...the government admits tracking Umar and allowing him in the country.
Flight 253 Patrick F. Kennedy Testimony

Umar's Father is mentioned above. Links about his father are in the following article.


I had read some of Patrick Kennedy's testimony but had never seen it.