Psychologists on coping with 9/11 truth

Why is Explosive 9/11 Evidence so Hard to Accept? Psychology Experts Explain

-an excerpt from '9/11: Explosive Evidence - Experts Speak Out'

*From AE911Truth's youtube channel

Official Version

I know that a similar video has already made the rounds, but I wanted to post this official version with a better title and the url for AE911Truth. Use this instead of the one with 'deniers' in the title. Just posted on Facebook. [Over 70,000]
Hopefully this will be another successful mini-documentary.

I wanted to put "coping" in the title because it ties in with what Richard says in BFT: "First let the technical truths emerge, then if necessary cope with the inevitable conspiracy and other questions."

Well, the technical truths have emerged, and it is necessary to cope with the evidence. The TM is in position to gain a lot of ground in the coming months, and psychological resistance is half the battle. Time to cope!

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I'm happy to forward this out.

Is there a now a Psychologists_for_911truth group ?

Herblay FRANCE

is there a now a Psychologists_for_911truth group ?

If there is not, seeing their good work, it would be usefull that they get together to help us explain to the world's citizens why it is so difficult to open their eyes to the truth !



This gives us ideas for France !

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C'est passionnant en effet, car c'est bien ce qui bloque les personnes honnêtes qui s'accrochent désespérément à la VO.

Et comme le disent les psys de cette vidéo, il ne faut pas les brutaliser mais les écouter (ce que je n'ai pas toujours la patience de faire, mais que d'autres font très bien...).

Il faudrait peut-être maintenant contacter des psys en tous genres en France, leur montrer cette vidéo et leur suggérer de travailler sur la "dissonance cognitive dans le cas particulier du 11/9" (et non sur le 11/09 lui-même).


A global deception

French psychologists can certainly find material to consider by looking to their own country's historical experience. France has certainly known mass trauma in its history. It has also known high-level deception. At first, the assertion that Captain Alfred Dreyfus was guilty of spying for the Germans was an unassailable truth that couldn't be questioned without the risk of having one's loyalties questioned. Fortunately, there were prominent intellectuals (notably Emile Zola) who were willing to go out on a limb and risk their reputations for the sake of waking people up to the to the truth, setting an example for others to follow. But in our own time, no intellectual of comparable stature has been willing to do the same where 9/11 is concerned.

9/11, of course, was not simply a mass, collective trauma, nor simply an instance of high-level deception. For it was a combination of the two: Elements within the U.S. government were involved in the deliberate infliction of trauma on the American people, then subsequently deceived them concerning the truth about those events, and used thier misrepresentation of those events again and again in order to manipulate that same traumatized public into accepting policies which it might very well have rejected otherwise. Even though they viewed the events and all that followed afterwards from across the Atlantic, the French people (as with the people of othe nations around the world) might still find it disturbing to contemplate that such crimes could be perpetrated in the supposedly free, democratic republic of the U.S. The U.S. role as a superpower is something which has often caused feelings of resentment in other countries--allies, adversaries, and neutrals alike. But to consider that the 'world's only superpower' is now one in which crimes of this magnitude--committed against their own domestic population no less--can be perpetrated and effectively covered up by elements within the bureaucracy and military would mean to go well beyond the more familiar resentments toward U.S. hegemony--something that might very well be difficult to contemplate, even though 9/11 didn't 'happen' to them.

Thanks for exemple Dreyfus. Why not if we can not find another

Thanks for the exemple. It is already a start for me coming from Scotland. I will work on the idea with my french contacts.

Yours John


Fran Shure, one of the of the commentators, notes only phd's can call themselves a psychologist

congrats on putting this up

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Thanks for posting - this is useful as a unit. What's missing is interviews with NYC psychologists who treated many more people for trauma and PTSS. Those already interviewed gave excellent responses but they seem to all be from Colorado, and no one is from NYC or DC.