Kurt Haskell: "Forged Passport In Underwear Bomber Case?"

Forged Passport In Underwear Bomber Case?
by Kurt Haskell - Sept 27 & 28, 2011 - HASKELL FAMILY BLOG

I spent much of this evening reading court documents from the underwear bomber (Umar) case. For those that are interested, you can read them at:


There are many gems in the documents, but I'll only focus on one of them tonight.

While reading the documents, I found what I believe to be another smoking gun. Since day one when Lori and I exited flight 253, I've maintained that Umar boarded flight 253 with the help of a sharp dressed man and WITHOUT A PASSPORT. Early on in this case, Judge Edmunds issued a protective order forbidding either side from discussing any of the evidence in the case. However, that didn't stop the U.S. Government from releasing propaganda pictures into the media. The most famous picture is a picture of Umar with law enforcement on the plane. The two that were the most obvious frauds were the picture of Umar's minimally damaged underwear and the picture of Umar's passport. The passport picture was released for no other reason then to attempt to discredit my eyewitness testimony. In no other case (to my knowledge) has the government released a picture of some one's passport to the media. I have taken great offense to the release of the passport and it is with great pleasure that I now believe I can show it was a fake. Interestingly enough, stand-by attorney Chambers indicated at the July 7, 2011 hearing that he had just received a copy of Umar's passport. Chambers referred to this (and some other evidence) document as "significant evidence". We must now ask why it is considered "significant evidence" by Chambers. I also have to wonder why such a seemingly insignificant document like a passport was withheld for 18 months from the defense (Maybe it took that long to create a good fake?).

When I looked for the picture of Umar's passport tonight, it was not easy to find. I did however, manage to find a copy of it here:


I encourage everyone to take a very good look at Umar's signature, particularly the "m" and the "a" in Umar. Also note that it doesn't include his last name. Further, the picture doesn't particularly look like Umar and seems to show a man with a receding hairline. At this time, I will leave a discussion of the picture for another day.

Now take a look at this document filed by Umar and written in his own handwriting:


Note that the "a's" are completely different in that the "a" in the passport photo has a closed loop while in the court document, the "a's" are open at the top. Further, note that Umar's "m" is significantly larger than the "a" is in the passport photo. Also, note that the "m's" in the court document look significantly different then the "m" in the passport. Specifically, the "m's" in the court document are the same size as the "a's" are and are significantly more slanted and pointed then the "m's" in the passport. In the court document, you can also see that most of the "m's" contain a side arm while the "m" in the passport photo does not. Lastly, note that the passport appears to have very neat handwriting while the court document has very sloppy handwriting.

Of course, the conclusion is that one of the documents is a fake. It is much more likely that the passport photo is a fake as there would be no legitimate reason to fake the court document. If the passport photo, is in fact a fake, we must ask why the government would release a fake passport photo. The only logical explanation is that a real passport did not exist. Obviously, the U.S. Government felt a need early on to release a fraudulent passport to discredit my eyewitness account. The reason for the attempt to discredit me is obvious and points directly at my theory in this case.

Umar was escorted through security without a passport and with an intentionally defective bomb in order to stage a false flag terrorist attack.

Note that in this court document, Chambers has indicated that U.S. Government agents have given contradictory statements (see item 9):


Surprise, surprise, U.S. Government agents are giving false statements. Why should we be surprised when their employer releases a fraudulent document?

*** I am editing this post this morning (9-28-11) to make one comment about the passport photo. The passport appears to be issued on September 15, 2005. Umar was age 18 on that date. The man in the passport piture clearly has a receding hairline (and to me doesn't look like Umar). The possibility of an 18 year old having a receding hairline is remote at best. It appears that the U.S. Government has once again been exposed in this matter.

*** Second edit: See below for a copy of my fax to Anthony Chambers:

Facsimile Cover Sheet

To: Anthony Chambers, Esq.
Fax: 313-xxx-xxxx
From: Kurt R. Haskell, J.D., L.L.M.
Company: Haskell Law Firm, P.C.
Phone: 734-285-5625
Fax: 734-281-0969
Date: September 28, 2011
Pages including this cover page:
3, RE: Umar Farouk Adbulmutallab

Comments: Tony, I am assuming that since I haven’t heard from you that I will not be testifying. I assume that to mean that Umar has chosen to not use the entrapment/excessive government involvement defense. That is unfortunate and leads me to believe that Umar is complicit with the government for some reason. Nonetheless, I am attaching my recent blog post to make you aware of some passport anomalies. Obviously, I was there when Umar was posed as a Sudanese refugee and boarded without a passport. Thus, I know that he didn’t have a passport. I doubt that you will have enough control in the trial to admit the passport anomalies into evidence. However, I am providing this evidence to you for impeachment purposes on the off chance that you can use it. I know there is a great deal of evidence in this case and I just wanted to make you aware of this information. Good luck with the trial. I am not envious of your position. I will be there whenever my schedule allows.
(In the comment section "Stats" says: "I think the passport photo looks like Umar...")

(Kurt responds...)
This is Kurt:

Stats, thanks for your honest opinion, but I very much disagree that the picture is Umar. Having seen him in person many times at court, I have to say that it isn't him. It does look similar to him, but it's not him. Do you really think it is a picture of an 18 year old? An 18 year old with a receding hairline to boot? Also, you really think the handwriting is similar? To me it is very obviously not. Having said that, remember I saw him attempt to board without a passport. Also, the prosecution withheld a copy of Umar's passport from the defense until June 2011? They did this to allow stand-by attorney Chambers the least amount of time and ability to hire experts to verify its authenticity. I don't mean to be argumentative, but we'll have to agree to disagree.

As to the reasons I believe the sharp dressed man (SDM) is a U.S. agent, see below in no particular order:

1. The SDM spoke perfect American English without an accent.
2. The FBI refused to have me identify SDM or show me his picture.
3. The U.S. Government refused to release the airport video.
4. U.S. Judge Nancy Edmunds ordered that all evidence including the video be sealed under a protective order.
5. The U.S. Government needed a terrorist attack to implement body scanners, increase the presence of TSA everywhere, continue the justification for two fraudulent wars (no terrorist attacks from 2001-2009) and renew the Patriot Act(up for renewal February 2010).
6. The FBI admitted to handing out fake bombs to the Portland Christmas Tree Bomber and Wrigley Field bomber in 2010 just months after the underwear bomber event (My theory is that U.S. intelligence agents gave Umar an intentionally defective bomb and led him through seurity to stage a fake terrorist attack).
7. U.S. media has actively concealed the truth about this case (for example, refusing to report the findings of the Congressional Hearings).
8. The Congressional testimony of Patrick Kennedy is telling. Watch his testimony on youtube. He squirms in his seat to not admit that U.S. intelligence did the attack intentionally. However, he did admit that U.S. intelligence was tracking Umar and wanted him to enter the U.S. to catch accomplices. Then he says "we'll talk about the rest in closed session". So they wanted Umar in the U.S. but didn't allow him on the plane. Yeah right. Note that I expect to see the SDM at the trial as a witness. I now have reason to believe that SDM was the person who conducted the "security interview" that is done at Schiphol Airport in Amsterdam.

There are probably more reasons, but these are just off the top of my head. Thus, I believe the U.S. staged the plot and not ISI or Mossad.



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