National Post - Founder of the Vancouver 9/11Truth Society Arrested

Excerpt: Monday’s arrest was not the first for Mr. Pearson, a conspiracy nut and founder of the Vancouver 9/11 Truth Society."It’s a regular occurrence for me," says Mr. Pearson. "It’s been, oh, two weeks since my last arrest. I don’t have a lot of tolerance for the pigs in this city." Full Story
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Hawkeyi Wrote: "That's the law!" Mr. Dick Cheney and the rest of George W. Bush's administration have allegedly committed war crimes against humanity and should NOT be allowed to enter Canada freely. This one man's act of alleged violence does not represent the BULK of Canadian's who have peacefully protested when-ever these criminals enter Canada. I've linked for your readers a copy submitted to Canada's Government and law enforcement agencies by Lawyers Against War that clearly states Canada should not allow for alleged war criminals to enter into Canada.


I've also taken the liberty getting feed-back from other Canadians "Speakers Corner" questions regarding alleged war criminal George W. Bush visiting Surrey British Columbia next month October 20, 2011.

George W. Bush Surrey British Columbia - Speakers Corner- Pt.2
George W. Bush Surrey British Columbia - Speakers Corner- Pt.1

"be the media" - What are Canadians saying in your home town about these alleged war criminals coming into in Canada?