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By davidswanson - Posted on 30 September 2011


poverty war

We are occupying Wall Street. We will not be moved.

Without anyone having to set themselves on fire, a group of nonviolent fed-up people, young and old, has sparked something new.  In less than two weeks they have gone through all of the stages of public protest: being ignored, mocked, attacked, and beginning to win.

People are joining together across race, age, gender, and culture.  Labor unions are joining in a movement that was not begun by labor unions.  Insider groups that would rather not be seen at protests are promoting this one.  Cable television is denouncing police brutality.  A conversation has been launched about the damage the wealthiest one percent is doing to the rest of us.  And integral to the demand being made for social justice is the demand to cut military spending and end immoral wars.

Now is the moment to nonviolently resist on Wall Street ( and around the country (, and beginning October 6th in Washington, D.C. (

Wall Street's servants on K Street, in the Pentagon, and in our government think Wall Street is comfortably far away.

Pledge now to bring the occupation to Washington on October 6th:

Support the Source: 


Here's my POV

Screw Alex Jones and the pale white horse he rode in on. Leave it to him to disrupt protests, like he did here:

Note that I don't think AJ is an 'agent', I don't have evidence for that. I think he's a conspiracy entrepreneur, in it for the money.

Just disgusting

Thanks. Did you know there would be no 9/11 truth movement if it wasn't for him?

A friend of mine Tweeted this on September 30:

"I will not consider #OccupyWallStreet to be legitimate until after I witness it for myself tomorrow and when Alex Jones claims it's a psyop." LOL


indeed... thanks ZBH, for pointing this out to me at TA.

InfoWars (Alex Jones) STATS and RANKINGS -

According to this domain analysis, ranks... is No. 3018 website in the world. It was launched on 07-Mar-1999....

63.8% traffic of originates from United States where it ranks 942. Visitors are mainly from 16 countries.

While there are faults and contentious aspects with InfoWars and Alex Jones as a news source, there are also many characteristics which are very beneficial and worthy.

Argumentum ad populum

In logic, an argumentum ad populum (Latin for "appeal to the people") is a fallacious argument that concludes a proposition to be true because many or most people believe it; it alleges: "If many believe so, it is so."

This type of argument is known by several names,[1] including appeal to the masses, appeal to belief, appeal to the majority, argument by consensus, consensus fallacy, authority of the many, and bandwagon fallacy, and in Latin as argumentum ad numerum ("appeal to the number"), and consensus gentium ("agreement of the clans"). It is also the basis of a number of social phenomena, including communal reinforcement and the bandwagon effect. The Chinese proverb "three men make a tiger" concerns the same idea.

My personal outlook on the numbers you cited is that they mean that Alex Jones' disruptive lies about OccupyWallStreet were very widely disseminated. Alexa, the market leader on website statistics, actually ranks Infowars higher than "": 1,984 worldwide, 568 in the US. A large number of Americans were just lied to AGAIN by a professional liar, provocateur, self-centered egomaniac and conspiracy entrepreneur. In case you haven't understood it yet: Alex Jones is a millionaire and thus part of the 1%.

THAT'S why he opposes this action.


More incessant carping from Snowcrash. You're little clique is something else! Millions of people know about Occupy Wall Street because of Alex Jones!

Why don't you give me your tax ID, publish your real name in this thread, and also I demand to know just what you've been up to recently. I don't care what crazy shit you go around saying about 9/11, as long you say it often and obnoxiously loud!

We don't need your "facts" and "logic", maaan


You should see how Alex worked against the Wing TV !

Herblay FRANCE

sorry to say that I do not agree with you when you say there would be no 911 tuth movement if it was not for him ( Alex ).

Here in France, I started on my own path to 911 turht ( as a lot of people ) and came to know of Alex Jones for the first time with his reaction to the "Wings TV : The revolution is being televised" and "9-11 on trial" by Victor Thorn his partner Lisa Guliani

I have most of the copies of Wing TV programmes ( internet TV station approx 100 vidéos ) and especially the ones in which Alex Jones joined in. Alex reacted like in the video above and

I oftened wondered if Alex is a good thing for the truh mouvement ou a bad thing.



To John Mitchell

I believe you have misunderstood. When zombie bill hicks said there would be no truth movement without him, I'm quite certain he was being sarcastic, or 'tongue in cheek.'

Though I admit it took me a few seconds to pick up on it.

The minus points you got...

... evidently suggests how non-native speakers of English are treated here.


Or it may have something to do with the cheerleading of Wing TV. I learned from this thread that you can't even use AJ's own words and actions against him on this site, but downvoting a WingTV supporter is A-OK.

More on Alex Jones

Jack Blood:

Part 2

Part 3

So that's at least three examples: Debra Medina, protest rally in Austin, and now OccupyWallStreet. Alex Jones has a whole lot to answer for. His primary function seems to be to disrupt anything that's about to be successful, and for no good reason.

WARNING to SnowCrash and BMAC

From the rules:
Be civil. There have been disagreements about what happened on 9/11 since it happened. If you feel compelled to point out factual errors in a blog entry, back up your observations with linked documentation.

Calling another user a liar, disinformation agent or any of the other related terms will not be tolerated. If you believe someone is lying post the facts and let the readers decide for themselves.------
Do not use the site to continue arguments with other users from thread to thread.
Keep your comments relevant to the blog entry. Post useful information and commentary, not ad-hominem attacks or insults.

SnowCrash and BMAC, do not respond to each other's comments in this thread. I just removed a whole bunch of your comments that were commenting on each other and each other's comments; these were not relevant to the OP, and some portions violated/infracted on the above rules. Alex Jones is only tenuously on-topic, as he's commented on the occupations.

Sheesh, let's crucify Alex Jones,

as if there's nothing better to do.

My original point was the *message*, not the messenger. Back to the point:
These protesters in Boston seem to have the right idea at their Fed branch (warning, F-word for delicate ears):

People get real mad when they figure out that it's just lousy ink and paper in their pockets.

I find that those POV's

seriously misrepresent the demonstrators. When I went down there last week, I certainly saw eye-over-pyramid anti-NWO symbolism, and pro-Ron Paul signs...together with signs and slogans form other anti-corporate, pro-economic justice perspectives. Apparently, having dissenters from these different backgrounds get together and get to know each other better and learn about things they might have in common just isn't enough for Infowars--as if the only action they'd be interested in supporting would be those in which nobody but Alex Jones and Ron Paul devotees showed up.

I thought this line, from Paul Joseph Watson, was particularly ridiculous:
' One sign being carried around read, “A government is an entity which holds the monopolistic right to initiate force,” which seems a little ironic when protesters complain about being physically assaulted by police in the same breath.'

Well, Paul, you might want to let readers know that a fair number of the Wall Street occupiers consider themselves to be anarchists. The sign is clearly the work of opponents of government, meant to provoke thought about what a government truly is; yet Watson misleads his readers to think it is an appeal to totalitarianism!

Targeted General Strikes That Interrupt Business As Usual

Persuading people who occupy positions that are important to vital business-as-usual activity, to not appear for work, would be ideal.

But Wall Street occupiers interrupting the craps game underwritten by public wealth, that unfolds daily on the trading floor, would be great also.

Occupy The Fed. Occupy Ground Zero

I think Alex Jone's may be right when he points out that many of the protestors though rightfully pissed are unaware of how the machine actually functions. I encourage 911 Truth, Ron Paul and End The Fed supporters to show up, share information and educate those with the heart to protest but lacking the understanding that the left/right paradigm is an illusion to eternally distract and deflect criticism of the real power structure.



Protesters Target Federal Reserve

The protesters are not just targeting Wall Street and the big banks. They’re also railing against the Federal Reserve:

Rep. Kucinich Wants Constitutional Money -- the National Emergency Employment Defense Act (NEED), H.R. 2990, would remove the power of creating money from the privately owned and controlled Federal Reserve System & restore Congress to constitutionally create money interest-free

You said it. That is an excellent method of educating people

Great concept.
The "Occupiers" already are strongly interested in matters of substance and are also "active".
The next step is educating or bringing about an understanding.

Expanding 9/11 Truth involves two sequential fundamental steps.
1) - Attracting attention and generating interest with a receptive form of communication or contact
2) - Educating

AMEN! (#2)


Yeah "amen"

Like a cult. Instead, how about you listen to this guy and tell me he's wrong, or how any of you can "outwit" him with horrible mindless cliches like "left-right paradigm".


Alex Jones is a baboon. He has NO BUSINESS interfering with this demonstration. And if he does, he's part of the problem.

P.S. Thanks to YT for the link.

A Report from the Frontlines: The Long Road to #OccupyWallStreet and the Origins of the 99% Movement

Occupy Sidewalks Outside NYC DA & NY Attorney General Offices

It would seem that the nearly 3,000 murdered on 9/11 are entitled to due process, in light of new evidence of foul play in recent years.

Want to be there in person?

People are bravely taking risks to nonviolently redirect our national agenda. You can join with them on Wall Street, around the country, and in Washington through these websites:

Wall Street Protest Growing

Declaration of the Occupation of New York City


Finally Americans are joining the rest of world and getting out in the streets to take back their country. This is just what the doctor ordered. I hope to see this grow and evolve into a full-blown revolution.

Occupy Wall St. Occupy the Fed. Occupy the Manhattan DA. until we get a 9/11 investigation.

(I just watched "Capitalism: A Love Story" for the first time and really liked it.)

Thanks for all the links, Orangutan.


I liked it too until it ended with Michael Moore the partisan Democrat completely leaving out BO
who has done nothing except exacerbate the problems.

watch online here:

Alex Jones...

Alex Jones has morphed from a bona fide activist, into a hybrid of rock star and opportunist. Although he still puts out some valuable content, mostly aligned towards the libertarian part of the political spectrum, he now appears to be owned, or partially owned by the very system that he used to rail against, and now *pretends* to rail against. As he has currently has carved out a most lucrative career in the media business, the powers-that-be have likely considered him "too big, with too much reach, not to be a part of them". As a result, he has probably been given certain boundaries that he is not permitted to transgress, in order to maintain his career status and the viability of his business, without harassment. Who needs harassment?

Alex Jones was one of the great voices for 9/11 Truth, but now he barely gives lip service. Perhaps the reality about 9/11, and its political ramifications, is considered too sensitive and threatening to the status quo for larger alternative media sources (such as or to be permitted to cover without some form of filtering, or moderating influence. In effect Alex Jones is well on the way to joining the taboo on 9/11 which exists within the corporate media, and the leading "left" (!) media, such as Democracy Now and the Huffington Post.

Despite his star status, Alex Jones is by no means immortal. Maybe he is becoming more aware of hat basic sense of self-preservation as he gets older, like most people. He cares for his family, like most people. He's worked hard for his business, like any businessperson who starts an enterprise from scratch. In other words, he's very comfortable, and deserves that reward. He's put in a lot of time and effort, and perhaps he feels he's done his community service and apprenticeship, at some risk to his person as well. Perhaps, on account of where he is now and the awareness he has re. the murderous and psychopathic nature of certain parties within the topmost ranks of the US power structure, that he is not too keen on to following the likes of Barry Jennings, Sen. Paul Wellstone and many others terminated on account of their inconvenience, into a place where they cant cause any trouble. Who can blame him?

So, sadly, perhaps Alex Jones is now toeing their line, in his own bull-horning fashion. He has become a parody of himself, just like Mick Jagger, who still sings songs railing against the establishment, now as a fully-fledged member of that same establishment. It's human nature at work here, no conspiracy required.

AJ & 9/11

He's Bull-Horned 9/11 Truth longer and louder than anyone I can think of.

That is true.

A tremendous number of people have become aware of 9/11 Truth as a result of InfoWars.
InfoWars has a section devoted to 9/11 Truth.

This thread is about taking action against the corrupt corporate-government system.
It is about putting our presence in the streets.
I like that.

I do not like to see a morphing of topic intent from only a very few folks who try desperately hard (with strain and overworked effort) to bash people who have helped disseminate 9/11 Truth. I don't like seeing Alex or David Ray Griffin or the Loose Change guys or the WeAreChangeLA guys bashed by strained carping criticism from a small clique.

Instead of carping, I would rather see what effective 9/11 Truth dissemination actions an individual does in these times.

what a load of bullshit

A tremendous number of people have become aware of 9/11 Truth as a result of InfoWars. InfoWars has a section devoted to 9/11 Truth


This thread is about taking action against the corrupt corporate-government system. It is about putting our presence in the streets. I like that.

Me too.

I do not like to see a morphing of topic intent from only a very few folks who try desperately hard (with strain and overworked effort) to bash people who have helped disseminate 9/11 Truth

You're morphing it off topic. This thread is about "putting our presence in the streets", as you said. Your hero, The Great Disruptor Alex Jones, has declared this a fake globalist movement.

You going to back him up on that?

No one is trying "desperately hard (with strain and overworked effort) to bash people who have helped disseminate 9/11 Truth", because it's simply just not that hard at all to expose Alex Jones for what he really is. So no, no one is really trying very hard.

I don't like seeing Alex or David Ray Griffin or the Loose Change guys or the WeAreChangeLA guys bashed by strained carping criticism from a small clique.

Criticism is healthy. People should be wary of anyone who is obviously a 'hero' worshiper, an adherent to a personality. Interestingly enough, Dylan Avery is a personal friend of mine, a bonafide 'Loose Change guy'. Have you ever asked him his thoughts on the real Alex Jones? Something tells me that if you ever do, you'd probably add him to the list of the Carping Clique.

Instead of carping, I would rather see what effective 9/11 Truth dissemination actions an individual does in these times.

It's a pissing contest, is it? Stay on topic Tom. The topic is non violently resisting the power structure. Someone posted a link to Alex Jones' website, and Snowcrash responded appropriately by pointing out that Alex Jones is a DISRUPTOR who has declared this to be a fake movement. I think he's just projecting ;)

I don't trust disruptors, but if you do, that's your prerogative. Just don't bitch when they get called out for what they are.

Give me your recent stats of 9/11 Truth dissemination

Zombie Bill Hicks, Give me your recent actions of disseminating 9/11 Truth to the public.
Or do you live in an Ivory Tower and spend your days on another Forum with lots of sardonic talk about people in the movement?

Show "That's just the problem isn't it" by SnowCrash


You have completely failed to defend your support of a movement disruptor! That is a huge cop out if I've ever seen one. You've turned honest criticism of a known disruptor into a pissing contest red herring.

So, what have I done lately? I'll bite. I recently spent several hours transcribing an interview of Paul Thompson as a favor to Sibel Edmonds. In the near future, I'll be completing the series by transcribing parts 2 and 3. In addition to this work, I've spent hours disseminating and discussing the recent ground breaking podcast from Ray Nowosielski and John Duffy among friends and strangers alike. That's just recently, and none of it could be construed as steering an important cause toward fringe conspiracies and crank NWO bullshit like your disruptor hero does. And here's my blog on this site in case you were unaware: ZBHs Blog

You don't have a leg to stand on here. This is what you're supporting:

Speaking of transcripts

Here's my transcript collection wiki: 911transcripts ... transcripts are downloadable as PDF. It's tiresome work, especially since I try to be as literal as possible transcribing. I could ease the burden by being more loose, but I wouldn't want to be accused of misrepresentation.

Like Victoria Hoffman recently said... people have no idea how much work we put in. Transcript writing is tiresome... 10 second piece.. write down a few words you can understand, rewind, play again, pause, fill in the gaps, play, write down some more, correct mistakes, etc. etc. The interview or the phone call may last two hours...repeat 720 times...

Just completed another one for the occassion

David Frost interview with Benazir Bhutto

Context: Jimd3100 comments on misinterpretation and abuse of Bhutto comment on death of "Bin Laden"

The interview is far more interesting for Bhutto's ominous warnings about the dangerous elements inside Pakistan's own government and security forces. They took her out eventually.

Sorry to take it OT. Leaving it here.

Guys, thanks for telling me

Guys, Thanks for telling me what you are doing and not doing.

Over 100 solidarity events

Occupy Wall Street is spreading rapidly to other cities - over 100 American cities within the past week. Day 17: From Occupy LA this morning.

I'll be at one of them.


Me too.

I am trying to make my schedule work also.



“We are a DECENTRALIZED non-violent movement. If you are looking to contact one of our leaders, go to the nearest mirror and peer deeply into it. It may take some time, but, eventually, one of our leaders will appear with answers to all of your questions.”