Interesting background information of former NEADS-chief Col. Marr

Photo: Robert Marr, source: Dick Blume

 Colonel Robert Marr was the battle commander at NEADS on September 11, 2001. The german author Paul Schreyer suspects him to sabotage the air-defense on 911 (source). On the other hand side Miles Kara, researcher and former staff member of the 9/11 Commission, defended Marr decisions in that day (source). Nevertheless it can be said, without any doubt, that Col. Marr was lying to the 911-commission and has involved himself into contradictions (source).

Therefore it is interesting to find out more about the background of this important person of history.


 What did Col. Marr before he came to NEADS?

According to his interview with the 9/11 Commission ...

"Shortly thereafter he separated from active duty, and was hired on Phoenix Air, a defense contractor. He was captain for Lear 35s and 36s. Marr worked full-time with Phoenix for about twenty months." (source)

The researcher Daniel Hopsicker has that to say about a private military contractor, called "Phoenix Air":

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"The hand-picked new ownership of the  FBO (Fixed Base of Operations) at the Venice Municipal Airport has links to private military contractors in Georgia involved in CIA extraordinary renditions around the world, as well as other covert activity on behalf of the U.S. Government.

This same company turned over between 12-15 mid-sized regional jets to another owner of Huffman Aviation, Wallace J. Hilliard, ten years ago, for Hilliard's doomed from the start “start-up airline,” an operation so inept that on at least one publicized route, they never sold a single ticket.

The company or network of companies which has had so much involvement with recent owners of Huffman Aviation is known variously as “Phoenix Air,” “Phoenix Air Services,” and “Phoenix Continental." (source)

The important question is, whether these two companies called "Phoenix air" are identical. The background is, that two alleged pilots of hijacked planes, Mohamed Atta and Marwan al-Shehhi, were learning flying in Huffman Aviation (source) in Venice, Florida. It could be, that they learned flying in jets, which were provided by a company, where NEADS-chief, Col. Marr, was once working!

The company "Phoenix air" provides a complex spectrum of military services - for example service for "electronical warfare." (source) According to the 911 commission, when Col. Marr returned from Phoenix air to the military, he went directly to NEADS  ...

"The CVX position opened at NEADS, and Commander Scott recruited Marr. Marr built exercises (...), but was not involved in crew exercises. (...) From the CVX position Marr became Vice Commander for the base."  (source)

It is known, that the operational floor at NEADS were trying unsuccessfully to identify Flight 11 in their radar screens (source) and were irritated by simulated, exercise inputs present in their radar screens during the 911-attacks (source).