Michael Moore LIVE for Three Hours Today (Sunday) on C-SPAN2's BOOK-TV

Michael Moore will be discussing his new book HERE COMES TROUBLE, and a host of other things,
live for three hours today, Sunday, October 2nd on BOOK TV. Tune into C-SPAN2 at 12:00 Noon ET/9:00 AM PT
(replay later tonight, Sunday, at 12:00 Midnight ET/9:00 PM PT).

Viewers can call in during the program or send questions for Mike to Book TV here.
( booktv [at] c-span.org ?Subject=Book TV: In Depth: Michael Moore )

This will be Mike's longest-ever appearance on national television. It should be interesting! Tune in.

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Show "Blowhard" by nothwind


Blowhard or not lets wait and see what Moore has to say. I am probably dreaming but perhaps he will mention Building 7 and controlled demolition. You would be surprised how many people listen to him. Now we will see if he is a true patriot.