Abby Martin of Media Roots Speaks about Media Censorship at SFSU

MEDIA ROOTS- Abby Martin, founder of Media Roots, speaks at San Francisco State University about the landscape of media censorship, the formation of her citizen journalism project and why she is working in collaboartion with Project Censored.

Would love to hear her thoughts


I have tried to stay out of the internal drama / accusations within the movement so I really had no idea that people even had a problem with the ballot initiative movement. Another figure I greatly respect in the movement explained to me why blogger has chosen to not promote it and why people are concerned with the initiative so at least it shed some light on why the information isn't being put up. However, I personally find Gravel to be a hero for his work and political history, so it was a great honor to be able to interview him, and I find any movement helping along a new investigation worthy.


We should tolerate unexplained censorship within the movement but slam MSM for doing it. That sounds like what UR saying, and I don't get it.

Judgment call

Following that logic, should 911blogger post everything submitted by Pat Curley and JREF, or maybe CIT, or Ace Baker, or perhaps ... ? Why are you censoring Pat Curley? Whatever beef the management has with Mike Gravel... that's their decision. It is a judgment call. 911blogger and the mainstream media are two different animals. One of those two is an advocacy organization, the other is supposed to cover what matters to all Americans and world citizens. Fukushima? Mass suicides in the US army? Richard Clarke saying the head of CIA shielded and protected two 9/11 hijackers from the FBI and then lied about it under oath?

Personally, I'm not involved with the whole Mike Gravel imbroglio so don't look at me. You are misrepresenting what censorship is really about with an opportunistic false equivalency. BTW, like court cases involving slander and defamation, the distinguishing factor is truth, factuality, and in the case of 911blogger... I presume it also involves advocacy considerations. But let's have a discussion about it. Sure. Not sure for how long though.

Thank you!

Thanks for articulating my exact thoughts SnowCrash. Like I said before I am not getting involved in the drama and in fighting, so peacenik if you are looking for me to make a public statement about an advocacy organization I respect like blogger for choosing not to promote certain material I make it's not gonna happen. That is completely counter intuitive and counter productive to what I am trying to do, which is put information out there as best I can and not get bogged down in negativity. I have Media Roots because I can put whatever I want out there that I find important, like my Gravel interview.

bogged down in negativity

You are very negative toward the Military Industrial Complex, the Banking System and our current crop of politicians on your program in that you negate their influence. I wouldn't say that you shy away from having a negative attitude toward a lot that you feel is wrong in the world. I think it's more accurate to say UR selective about toward who you direct your negative thoughts.

Which is fine.

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Good speech

Raising some interesting points, like about Cenk Uygur. I guess Current TV has now hired him.

Maybe he'll leave again if Gore pressured him to toe the Democratic party line. The fact of the matter is, Al Gore was shafted out of a presidency by a criminal network leading all up the supreme court, the same criminal network responsible for the subsequent energy policy meetings early 2001, one of the motives for 9/11 and the energy wars abroad, and I share more values with Gore then I do with Cheney. (I despise Cheney, obviously) Gore's upset with Obama's decision on the Canadian tar sands pipeline. I agree. Let's see how Current TV does covering Occupy Wall Street.

One more thing. I don't believe in the left-right paradigm. I see no left in the United States, just a co-opted 'progressive' party which in reality works in cahoots with corporatist forces.


Completely agreed about the left/right paradigm and I wish I would have spoken more about that during the speech. Oh well next time! Thanks for the update on Cenk, very interesting.

Way to go Abby!

Keep up the great work. We are pulling for you here in San Deigo!


Thanks Steve! Wish everyone my best, miss you guys!

Cenk Uygur: I left MSNBC because they don’t ‘challenge power'

Cenk Uygur (host of The Young Turks) explains why he turned down a new, significantly larger MSNBC contract after hosting a prime-time show on the network that was beating CNN in the ratings.


I love this speech. Thanks for posting.

proof that the MSM is a tool of the corporate elite.

Thank you Mr. Uygur!

MSNBC Official: "We're insiders."