Aluminum Oxide Smoke Ejections from WTC7?

Look for tell-tale smoke ejections from various windows openings as the collapse progresses

Questions, Questions.

1. Why, if the east penthouse collapses and drags the entire interior floor system with it, as NIST tells us, does no smoke issue forth from the hole in the roof?

2. Note the five broken windows. At the third from the left we see white smoke issue forth. If the floors are gone, all windows are equal because there is no longer any office partitions isolating one from another.

3. Note that the same position of smoke from that third window begins to issue smoke from windows on floors right above. Like that column is being attacked.

4. This smoke is white, like aluminum oxide.

if it quacks like a duck....

Fe2O3 + 2Al --> Al2O3 + 2Fe

careful jumping to conclusions...

just a point of caution: in 2 you state "if the floors are gone" as per NIST and then rightly note all 5 windows would then be equal. However, in 3 you note that the third window has smoke like the column is being attacked. That statement depends on all the floors being gone, as in NIST's assertion, but if so then perhaps the column need not be attacked. Wouldn't a simpler explanation be that the floors were intact, as were the office partitions, walls and internal doors, and that the reason we see smoke coming out of some windows is that those windows were for offices whose doors were open to the white smoke in the interior of the building? White smoke from aluminum oxide or whatever...
That's just a comment for your consideration as a caution to examine the logic from several angles and be careful in your explanations so as not to allow naysayers to prejudge that you are making conclusions you might not have intended to make... that's all.

Windows broken

Windows broken indicate a fire event, so the partitions might have been breached, making the adjacent windows equal. Floors may be still intact foiling NIST's progressive collapse theory.

This visual comparison is how NIST conducted much of their investigation. Thank you for participating in an independent analysis of the imagery.

What is just as interesting in my opinion....

is the audio in this vid. If you listen very carefully you can hear all kinds of damning things being said, indicating that these people who were filming this (ordinary people in the street) knew in advance that this building was going to come down. That means that it had to be rigged way in advance, since you can't prepare this in a few hours, let alone with fires in the building.

Listen more closely...

Sounds likethey were talking about a big hole in the building somewhere.

for example, LISTEN TO THE Firefighters at 01:20

Voice 1: "Look at the hole in that building! It's set to go. i think it'll come down."

Voice 2: "Let's get everyone out of here."

After two skyscrapers fell that day you'd think people around there would be worried about this one falling too, so the people talking about it falling isn't too damning. Or can you point to some particular statement that is damning?

New footage to me


Here's the photographer's

The guy who's filming this...

is called "Steve" by one of his friends (at least that's what I heard on the vid). So who is Klaus Laubmayer then?

Maybe someone should ask him or the friends he was with how they got to know that building 7 was going to come down that day, that would be interesting I think.

Southwest Corner

Will others please look at :40 and 4:23 and tell me what you see?

Wild guess

Thermite burns.....sorry,' thermal expansion' [in form of thermite burns] in ceiling beams as result of normal office furnishings fires?


At exactly 00:44 , an object, maybe 6 feet in diameter, circular or elliptically shaped, is hurled out the window, after the window glass breaks. This flat circular object has a shiny reflective surface, maybe glass or some metal? Was there someone in the building who ejected it, or was it blown out of there? Counting the floors from the top down (assuming #47 is the top), this object is ejected from an office on Floor 28, perhaps Floor 29. It should be possible to determine which office that is, according to the orientation of the camera relative to the building, and who was renting it.

I've looked at this number of times .... WTF?

it is the office blinds (in window above the white flame)

the glass has broken already. Prior to 00:44 the office blinds are gently flapping outside the window from a wind blowing out the window at a relatively constant rate, then they are violently sucked back into the office and briefly disappear from sight in the darker office; then in the next instant they are blasted out of the window hole by wind and there is a muffled sound of an explosion at about the same time. That's what I see & hear. I'm not an expert on fires, but would guess that you are seeing the result of a "backdraft" or similar event (if not demolition charges.)

From about :36 to :44 I feel

From about :36 to :44 I feel like my eyes are seeing molten metal droppings. Same at around 4:23.

And yes one of the fires seems to be kinda white...I just wondered if others see it or if my eyes just *want* to see it.

.....SW corner?

.....SW corner?

To my knowledge this is the

To my knowledge this is the elusive SW corner.

The Quack ducks.

Looks to me a single thermic 'fizz' of some kind operating. Intense burn in ceiling area [beam] of whatever floor this is before suddenly sparking through to the dark next room left of original spark in eruptive manner..

If I were to remember my time with oxycetylene, this eruption of spark on the left of original fizz, is metallic, and happens when the cutter flame bursts through the steel being cut.
I would say a non explosive cutter charge burning through steel. The flush of spark in otherwise dark room as it gets through speaks to that.

Yes, it looks like the window

(top center) is pulled in and hurled out of the building @ 43. Both 43 and 4:23 are the same video.

window blinds falling

window blinds above the window with the white flame being sucked into the building then blown out and falling past the floor with the white flame. The blinds burst into flame (or reflect sunlight) as they pass through the black smoke in front of the window with the white flame like there is extreme heat at that location. Also muffled explosion sound at same time.


Voice 1: "Look at the hole in that building! It's set to go. i think it'll come down."

Voice 2: "Let's get everyone out of here."

Clearly the firefighters were thinking the building was going to come down, a good guess after WTC 1 & 2 collapses, & *sort of* like Silverstein said.

Well..Back to the original thread

I had asked about what people saw, I thought I saw some white flame and perhaps even a molten metal.

I think I may be wrong based on lack of response to those perceptions of mine...

So, lets get back to the original thread:

Aluminum Oxide Smoke trailing out of WTC 7.


I don't think you are wrong.

What I see

I see a steady light in the right window, moving light in the left. Something falling out of the window above. My first thought was firefighters in the building with flashlights. Second thought on the moving light is that they are flames?

White smoke..

The white smoke trails appear right under the kink as the building continues to break up as it falls into its own footprint. The left wall just folds over the middle afterward Just like it was drawn up I'm willing to bet. Incredible footage.

For your video NCT, I thought it was a ceiling light at first and smoke, but it dimmed and brightened and the room fills with smoke afterward. A fires then ensues on the floor. This fire was certainly not start by "falling debris" I think what is interesting is the color of the smoke coming from the building from the 1:40 mark and on. Do we know time of the day this was taken?

Thanks for posting.

peace everyone.

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Cheering and clapping

Some people are cheering and clapping their hands as the skyscraper crumbles to dust. Sounds almost surreal.

Good to see you notice that too

it is indeed almost surreal. And then this guy saying "I got it I got it I got it" "I got the whole thing". It could only indicate that these people were told that building 7 was gonna be brought down and were indeed "expecting" it to go down, apparently in synchronized version, because if I were told that a huge 47 story building.was gonna collapse from some fires (plus some local damage), I would expect that huge building to collapse unevenly, asymmetrically, partially, to one side. The last thing I would expect in that case is it coming down in synchronized fashion in about 6.5 seconds. It would however, be the first thing I would epect if I were told that the building was "going to (have to) be brought down".
At the beginning of this vid a woman can be heard saying "Oh my god" a few times, as she apparently watches in horror a collapse which she does not expect to see at all. Another guy can be heard saying some kind of "Yeaaah!", another one saying "Holy shit!"
Then one guy asks "Did you get it?" "Beautiful, great!", implying that he too Knew that building 7 Was going to come down at some point, apparently he expected it to be or look like a controlled demolition.

They were watching it, then heard some sharp sound or felt some shockwave (which made the east penthouse drop through the roof, and made Ashley Banfield turn her head around very quickly), the guy with the camera knows that "this is it" (right Ashley?), and starts filming and zooming in on the corner, after which the rest of the building comes down starting with a nice little freefall motion to close things down, 1, 2 and that's three, buildings that are blown to shreds and dust, in broad daylight, yet it is claimed that only gravity was responsible for the shredding, melting and deforming of this tremendous amount of steel beams, not to mention turning 100's of filecabinets, 100's of windows, and about a 1000 human bodies to ashes and dust. (and what about all these papersheets that were floating around?).

I think the same thing happened with that cameraman that filmed the collapse from his appartement. He experienced probably some kind of shockwave, knowing that something was about to happen, and pointed his camera out the window zooming in.

Anyway, that's my two cents. Obviously some knew it was going to be brought down and expected some kind of controlled demolition, while some other people were shocked and terrified because they didn't expect a symmetrical near freefall collapse at all.

On topic: The fact that the smoke is white strongly indicates aluminiumoxide, I don't know of any other explanation for that smoke being white in colour. Anyone else know? What else could cause white smoke to be emitted from tha building while it's coming down at near freefall acceleration?